O’We: Introducing World’s First UV Focused Smartwatch

September, 2016 – Too much exposure to the sun has been well noted to be the cause of so many skin diseases, starting from dizziness, fever, cataracts, heat rash, skin cancer and the most common- sun burns. Achieving a balance has always been a herculean task.

Over 24% of teenagers, 14% adults and 8% children get sun burnt every summer weekend. People do not even naturally know on time when they have too much exposure to the sunlight; the challenge is how to achieve balance.

Dipitr Proudly announces the launch of its new fitness watch, O’We. O’We is a beautiful technological answer to the question of soaking in the right amount of sun ray. The smartwatch makes it possible to get sun kissed the smart way. With O’We the good vibes from the sun can be soaked while avoiding sunburn by using SunTrack to monitor sun exposure.

O’We will be available for pre-order at a huge early bird discount of 40%. Buyers can take full advantage of this by registering their email through the website www.dipitr.com

We are happy that through our product, millions of people now have the solution to manage their exposure to the sweet sunlight which could turn harsh. No doubt, there are very disturbing negative effects of too much exposure to the sun, although the most common are sunburns, it could also cause skin cancer.”

He says further, “O’we comes with a bundle of great features which makes the smartwatch a must-have. Using O’We, you can measure your daily activities, distance worked, calories burnt and you can get notified when you reach a milestone- time to celebrate yourself. O’We helps prevent the loss of your mobile phone through the anti-loss feature and it also comes with an awesome battery which can last upto 5 days on a single charge.”

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/CqiKl7w-6NA

O’We will be available on Kickstarter soonest. Backers will be able to support the laudable product which is the world’s first UV focused smart watch.

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About The Company

The O’We Smartwatch is developed by Dipitr, an up-and-coming technology company that’s dedicated to developing innovative and delightful tech products that benefit the health, wellness and lives of its customers. As Dipitr’s founder, Amir is passionate about improving lives by dreaming up revolutionary tech products focused on the fitness and wellness of their users. 

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