OVIO PairLock’s New Product Line Seeks Online Funding

A revolutionary project that changed security and security management through an ingenious design, the OVIO PairLock is constantly pushing the boundaries of design and innovation to provide its users a solution that is effective, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Recently, the developers of the OVIO PairLock announced the launch of a line of products that are an extension of the Flagship OVIO PairLock line. To move into the next phase of production, the OVIO Pairlock will be seeking funds by launching a crowdfunding campaign in November.

The newly added products include three new aesthetically pleasing variants of OVIO Pairlock model – one with a wooden knob, second with a wooden lever and the third has a curved metal lever. These new looks have been added to extend the product line to fit the various aesthetic demands.

OVIO has also introduced a new fixed numbered key, which has been specifically designed for property owners in mind, so they can make fixed numbered keys for their tenants. Finally, a mini padlock has been added to the product line, which will be more convenient and elegant to use on luggage and jewel boxes.

Basically, the easy to manage and affordable OVIO PairLock  is an award winning design that is made up of OVIO PairLock cylinder locks with Digit Wheels which allows users to set up their unique multiple digit codes and also change the combination. All OVIO Pairlock have a standard 4-digit passcode, or an additional unique digit wheel can be added for additional security. The second component of the OVIO PairLock is the “One Key For All” OVIO PairLock key. Key codes are changeable, same as the passcodes on cylinder locks.  Locks open when codes on the cylinder lock and keys match. This means that multiple cylinder locks can be managed by one key.

The funds raised from the upcoming crowdfunding campaign will cover the costs of tooling, manufacturing and various other expenses. As always, OVIO will be offering a variety of different rewards and perks in return of the generosity extended by the financial supporters of the project.

For more information about OVIO Pairlocks and the upcoming product line and crowdfunding campaign, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oviolocks/ovio-pair-locks-the-new-ultimate-locks-solution or www.ovio.com.tw

About: OVIO is an international company based mold design and design-oriented creative ID of the company, has accumulated More than 600 design cases , mainly in the main mold design , development to product design, combined with a wealth of experience in mold design , including the appearance of the ID design , mechanical design , model making, production agents , taking into consideration the market demand for products , manufacturing costs, product value , unique concept for enterprises to achieve possessed leading brand design.

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