“Overcoming your Past” is an Empowering Book that can Expand one’s Mind & Change the Way of Living

“Overcoming your Past” is a powerful book written by a new and upcoming young Latino author Luis Vizcarrondo that is guaranteed to change your life forever. The book is available on Amazon.com, Barnes&Nobles, and iTunes.

“Overcoming your Past” approaches what still haunts people today which is their past. When your past haunts you it restricts you from getting up and moving forward. Many people don’t realize that if your still worried about yesterday or living in the past it leads to depression, anxieties, or suicidal thoughts which is plaguing our society right now, especially young adults. Just look at what the Centers for Disease Control is saying: It is the 10th leading cause of death and the top third rising cause of death.

One of the best quotes stated by Author Luis Vizcarrondo: It takes honesty to confront the past but integrity to overcome it.

In “Overcoming your Past,” Luis shares some brief parts of his story with readers and that you too can take control of your own story, by not giving dominion to your past but being open to a healthier change in the present. When you read this book, you will realize that the impossible is filled with many possibilities said, Luis Vizcarrondo.“Overcoming your Past” does not give you a quick fix but will help you to find some meaning in life and overcome your past trauma, hurts, embarrassment, and so much more. It will show you how to holistically approach your psychological, spiritually, and emotional pain, putting aside the typical quick-fix you have read both online and offline without a long-lasting solution. 

In addition, the book will provide answers to several questions. Questions like, “will you either let your situation define you or refine you?” “Are you willing to let God into the process?” “What are the steps to take to overcome the past completely and stop living in it?” and so much more. Luis is confident this book will help you redefine your thoughts and life to embrace a happy and fulfilling life purpose. This book is worth your time if you’re willing to be open-minded and let it speak into your life.

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