Overcome Entrepreneurial Fear, Stress & Overwhelm With Lyndsay Chollak

Overcome Entrepreneurial Fear, Stress & Overwhelm With Lyndsay Chollak

Lyndsay Chollak – Business and Mindset Coach
Supporting Entrepreneurs Through the Stresses of Their Journey

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CA – No one ever said that being a business owner was easy. Supporting a family and running a business both carry unique stresses that can easily become overwhelming if left unchecked. While it may seem easy to be overwhelmed, especially during these difficult times, help is never beyond reach, and Lyndsay Chollak is the perfect person to support busy and overwhelmed professionals.

Lyndsay Chollak is a mindset coach who has been helping entrepreneurs all over the globe. She is also a speaker, mother, wife, and philanthropist with a concentration on helping people receive clean water for life. Having recovered from being pushed to the brink by the stresses of running a successful business, she understands all too well how challenging it can be to be an entrepreneur. Now, she is on a mission to help people wake up to their massive potential and own their universally given gifts.

She is proud to offer her free Facebook group, Magnetic AF Women Entrepreneurs, for women everywhere seeking to overcome the fear in their lives and help them step into their true, authentic selves on social media. Lyndsay has seen too many smart, fierce, qualified women sell themselves short because they doubt themselves. Her Facebook group aims to combat those fears, helping women grow into their full potential and claim the success that’s rightfully theirs—all without having to compromise their online identities and forcing them to be someone they’re not.

This is an inclusive, supportive group for women entrepreneurs who are ready to get out of the self-doubt spiral and step up to the next level. Here, Lyndsay will be sharing considerable free content in addition to her one-on-one coaching program. Her honest, up-front, personal style is guaranteed to help women overcome the mental blocks many of them have been fighting against their whole lives.

Through this group, she will help women create authentic, engaging content that attracts their ideal customers. Lyndsay believes that when women step into their true authenticity, it’s not just good for them—it’s good for the business as well. With a little bit of guidance and encouragement, she knows that all women entrepreneurs can be “Magnetic AF.”

“I do what I do because I know we are all born with unlimited abilities to live the life we were meant to live but are stuck behind a mindset that keeps us small, stuck, and struggling,” she says. “I wholeheartedly believe that passion- and purpose-filled entrepreneurs are here to shift the consciousness of the world, so they can not only change their world and live a life of freedom but give back tenfold.”

Get access to Lyndsay’s powerful and supportive Magnetic AF Women Entrepreneurs Facebook Group here. Further information, including access to her personal coaching programs, can be found on her website here.

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