Outsource Data Recovery is Set to Provide Free Data Recovery for Persons in Areas Affected by Hurricanes in the United States

Millions of households around the United States have been significantly impacted by the latest series of hurricanes which has led to the loss of data, lives, and properties

Outsource Data Recovery, a Cleveland-based Data Recovery Company has announced that it will be providing services to provide data recovery for businesses and individuals whose devices have been damaged by the aftermath of current hurricanes. The company will offer the free repair of any damaged or malfunctioning data storage device from computers to hard drives to data storage devices and much more.

As hurricanes continue to ravage certain parts of the United States, it accounts for some of the data losses encountered by Americans annually. Outsource Data Recovery has designed a free data recovery program to curb these losses and provide complete recovery. The free-of-charge data recovery program can be accessed by calling the number 1-800-573-4909 or filling out a service request form on Outsource Data Recovery’s website, using coupon code TECHRELIEF and stating a location.

It is no news that the hurricane season will continue to challenge the daily lives of people living in cities that are already wary of the pandemic. Outsource Data Recovery pledges a commitment to ensuring they provide as much relief as possible. If the device can’t be fixed, Outsource Data Recovery will not offer the data recovery for free. They will have to extract the data and send it to the client via cloud or a new device or worse, when the device is actually unrecoverable and the data is lost forever.

“A damaged or malfunctioning device caused by flash floods or power surges during a hurricane can make the rescue operation even more difficult,” affirms Bogdan Glushko, CEO at Outsource Data Recovery. “It remains just as hard for people who depend on their devices to carry on their daily lives in the aftermath of a hurricane. We wanted to offer our affordable data recovery services and tech repair expertise to lessen the struggle that affected people and businesses face during these dire situations.”

The experts at Outsource Data Recovery explain that from their experience helping countless disaster-related cases, usually, the diagnosis of a malfunctioning device is a damaged circuit board. Fortunately, damaged circuit boards are fairly repairable in the hands of highly-trained professionals who know precisely how to open such devices to try fixing them.

According to AccuWeather, recent Hurricane Ida alone is projected to have caused a $95 billion loss, making it the 7th costliest hurricane since 2000. This forecast includes property damages and the impact of lost work.

“Keeping lives safe is the top priority, of course. But we felt compelled to contribute and help hurricane-affected areas the best way we can: repairing devices so people can get back on their feet faster,” concludes Glushko.

The data recovery program will offer to fix electrical failures, PCB controller chips, and minor firmware failures, for instance, the most common issues of most damaged devices. However, if a device gets heavily damaged due to a severe hurricane and deemed unrepairable, Outsource Data Recovery provides free diagnosis and affordable data recovery services, so at least data can be extracted from it.

About Outsource Data Recovery

Outsource Data Recovery is a company of leading innovators in the data recovery industry, offering affordable services, hardware repair solutions, and the world’s largest parts inventory. Based in Cleveland, OH, ODR serves governments, businesses, and individuals worldwide.

The company designs, engineers, and manufactures top-of-the-line data recovery tools and equipment for industry professionals. With access to first-class equipment and years of experience in the data recovery industry, Outsource is more than confident when working with hard drives of any brand, any capacity, and every file system.

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