OutNSocial™ Seeks to Find the Value in The Online World, in-person

Social media can be a source of great joy. You can stay connected with friends and family, get the inside scoop on breaking news and express yourself without guardrails. However, like any technological development, social media has its downside, too.

As human beings, we have an inherent need to belong. Social media increases that need within us tenfold, connecting us with thousands of people who like, comment and share our posts. But this connectivity leaves a lot to be desired. You invest a great deal of time into maintaining your network, but you’re not getting anything back. You’re still sitting in front of a computer, alone, wasting time that will be forever lost.

Call it “the new loneliness”, a phenomenon in which you spend hours working to entertain and relate to people you don’t know. No matter how many people like your post, there’s still no physical component. That missing physical component is the core of human connectedness, and OutNSocial seeks to push you from a computer screen to real-life activities.

Imagine you’ve gone to Tucson, Arizona for a work conference. Once the work day is complete and you’ve retired back to your room, you want to go out for a drink at an LGBTQ-inclusive establishment. You spend more than an hour sifting through Yelp and Google reviews to find a place that meets your requirements. Sometimes, you can find what you’re looking for; other times, you’re not so lucky. We need to take the guesswork out of going out.

When you get to that inclusive bar or restaurant, you check in via Facebook. A small percentage of your immediate network might see your check-in, but these aren’t the people who need to see it. Other people, LGBTQ individuals and their allies, need to know where these spaces are. Without seeing your check-in, they’ll have to embark on the same time-consuming information journey to land at the same result.

OutNSocial changes this dynamic. Through the app, you’d be able to connect with others who have the same interests and discover places in each city that cater to those interests. With OutNSocial, you’re able to open the app and find inclusive, welcoming, safe spaces in Tucson in a matter of minutes.

This app is the ultimate solution for the new loneliness. It finds the value in your digital network and allows you to use it to your advantage. Instead of spending hours in front of your laptop or smartphone screen without benefit, OutNSocial gives you a way to wring some usefulness out of your network. Your digital connections will spill over into your real life with meaningful results.

This isn’t another social network designed to eat up your time. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s a catalyst to change the way we connect worldwide. OutNSocial™ is putting the human element back into your communication by providing users with micro-moment opportunities based on their interest to get something out of all that scrolling and tapping regardless of where you are, who you love or what you want to do in your spare time.

OutNSocial™ is set for beta launch this spring.

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Company Name: OutNSocial
Contact Person: T. Henderson
Email: info@outnsocial.com
State: Indiana
Country: United States
Website: www.outnsocial.com