Ouna Launches A Blockchain Recruitment Platform for Recruiting Success

Recruiting suitable employees is critical for running a successful business. Statistics show that 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. Many reports indicate that the cost of a bad recruitment process is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings, not to mention the adverse effect on the company’s culture. Also, weak performance in employees lower the bar for other standard employees, which in turn can undoubtedly affect on the motivation and productivity of other workers.

OUNA‘s objective is to place the right person in the right place at the right time, reducing the cost of acquiring team members and increasing the success rate of the recruitment process.

OUNA is the first peer-to-peer, blockchain-based, online AI assessment and recruitment ecosystem. By partnering with companies such as Alchemist, SohoMedia, Emissaryguild, Pangea, Streetwise, Upmediogroup and Tokentarget they can choose the right fit between the job and the individual to fully maximize the potential of both the employee and the employer leading to:

▪ Improved worker retention

▪ Increased diversity within the workforce

▪ Long-term reduction in recruitment costs

▪ Increased retention of institutional knowledge

▪ Higher engagement

▪ Stronger culture

▪ Greater team cohesion

What makes OUNA different

OUNA acquired “Analyzer” in 2017, a pyramidal online AI AI assessment tool and fully transformed itself into the basis of OUNA – producing the global, anonymous, and decentralized OUNA ecosystem. OUNA has developed its algorithms and defined its structure to address the significant issues and problems that exist in the current talent AI assessment and recruitment industry based on this already proven tool for 15 years.

This combination between OUNA and the Analyzer will address the following problems of the market:

Multiple AI assessments for any candidate

Many companies have their candidate AI assessments, the results of them are often unique for that specific company, and are almost never shared. Thus, candidates have to often perform multiple evaluations for different companies, which results in a waste of time and resources for the prospective candidates and the hiring companies.

The OUNA Advantage: OUNA requires that all prospective job seekers complete the same OUNA talent AI assessment only once. After this, OUNA’s advanced and tested algorithms can determine an accurate profile of the candidate. This single profile will be used to compare the job-seeker with the requirements of any incoming positions.

Long AI assessments

Talent AI assessments help employers to identify candidates who will be a good fit for their company. Consequently, some companies want their AI assessments to be as comprehensive as possible – requiring job-seekers to invest a significant amount of time (sometimes up to four hours, or maybe even more) to complete the AI assessments.

The OUNA Advantage: OUNA’s algorithms require only a brief amount of time from an applicant. Typically, an applicant will be able to complete the full OUNA AI assessment online within 15 minutes.


With traditional job recruiting processes, a prospective candidate may be discouraged from applying for specific positions out of concern that the application would possibly be exposed to his current employer, and the fact that he is looking into alternative work opportunities would then become known.

The OUNA Advantage: The OUNA recruitment process removes this concern because jobseekers maintain their anonymity until that stage in the recruitment process.

Data verification

With traditional recruiting processes, it is easy for candidates to claim professional qualifications and work experience that is not entirely accurate and time consuming to verify the details in an applicant’s resume.

The OUNA Advantage: OUNA uses Smart Contracts and other mechanisms to help ensure that the data in a candidate’s CV is verified and accurate.

Determining job requirements – and an ideal candidate profile

When a position becomes available, a company must invest time and effort to establish the requirements of the position and to develop a profile of the ideal candidate. The more accurately these requirements are determined, the better the chance that the company will hire a suitable candidate. Analyzing a position and developing an associated profile is a complicated process, and many companies may not be equipped to conduct it adequately.

The OUNA Advantage: OUNA simplifies things. With OUNA, a company looking to hire does not need to invest efforts in determining the ideal profile. Instead, the company selects a number of their most successful employees in the same professional field as the available position. These chosen employees then perform the OUNA AI assessment. Based on the combined results of these AI assessments, OUNA creates a profile of the ideal candidate for the available position – a process that requires little input from the hiring company.


OUNA stands out not only through its product but also through its token distribution. For the first time in the ICO market, candidates who perform OUNA’s AI assessment and upload their CV’s will receive FREE OUNA tokens according to the level of authentication.


OUNA will issue an ERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum platform, which will be used to provide incentives to candidates and companies that make use of the platform.

● The sale of OUNA tokens will be final and non-refundable.

● OUNA will not be responsible for any loss of OUNA tokens, or situations that make it impossible to access OUNA tokens, which may result from any actions or omissions of the user or any person attempting to acquire OUNA tokens, as well as any loss arising due to hacker attacks.

● OUNA plans to offer anyone sharing its vision the opportunity to contribute to its development by buying OUNA tokens during the Initial Coin Offering event in the second quarter of 2018.

● OUNA Tokens are not being offered or distributed to U.S. persons.

● OUNA will issue 2 billion OUNA tokens, one time only, and will never release anymore.

● OUNA’s goal is to raise a minimum of 3,750 ETH and to stop accepting contributions once 37,500 ETH has been raised.

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