OTTO Motors CEO Matt Rendall Defines the CRO and Industry 5.0 in Automation Publication

In the current issue of, Matt Rendall, CEO of OTTO Motors explained why leaders will emerge from the Industry 4.0 era to lead the transition into Industry 5.0. The champions of change will be educated and informed at the Drive Manufacturing Summit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 2 – 4, 2017.

Rendall discussed how a new organizational leader is required with the convergence of advanced technology and manufacturing processes. This leader will drive robotics and automation solutions on the factory floor, and at the same time incorporate process, design, and key strategies. This leader will emerge as the Chief Robotics Officer (CRO). 

According to Rendall, “The CRO is a concept fueled from the progression of Industry 4.0. Also stemming from the ‘next industrial revolution’ are technologies spanning IoT, cloud computing, and big data – all of which play a critical role in the development of industry. This role will not only lead the research and development initiatives for Industry 4.0 integration within the factory floor, it will leverage existing strategies to launch Industry 5.0.”  

It is Industry 5.0 that will ensure manufacturing leadership is a focus and design methodologies are integrated to improve facility operations and manufacturing strategies across North America while addressing ways to overcome the key challenges facing industry today.   

Realizing that education must occur to build the bridge from Industry 4.0 to 5.0, Drive Manufacturing Summit is the first conference to embrace this line of thought. This unconventional conference will facilitate conversation around the cultural shift, not just informing attendees of advancements, but educating them on how to integrate them into their facilities for future proofing. It will change the entire manufacturing sector and the imperative to move beyond Industry 4.0.

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About Drive Manufacturing Summit

Drive Manufacturing Summit is the definitive event for future-focused manufacturing leaders. This unconventional conference is designed to improve facility operations and manufacturing strategies across North America, while addressing ways to overcome key challenges facing industry today. The summit will offer three tracks of immersive learning and offer active discussions for future planning. Drive Manufacturing Summit is held October 2-4, 2017, at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI. Early-bird registration pricing available until June 30, 2017.

About OTTO Motors

OTTO Motors designs, manufactures and operates self-driving vehicles to automate material movement inside busy factories and warehouses. Using self-driving technology much like the Google Car, the easy-to-use OTTO vehicles move inventory in a safe and flexible manner throughout the indoor supply chain. Customers include Fortune 100 brands like General Electric, John Deere, and Toyota.

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