Ottawa Activist Launches Legal Defence Fund against Ottawa Police Detective

Have you ever encountered a cop who thinks that he or she is simply ‘the law’ and that everything he or she does is final? Well, this is your opportunity to help weed out such cops from the police force once and for all by supporting the campaign against illegal cop activities by Detective Robert Griffin of the Ottawa Police Department who has been sued at the Ottawa Small Claims Court.

Most, if not everyone, have had that unpleasant experience of being unfairly treated by a corrupt police officer. For those of you who have never had such an experience, it is a very hallowing experience mainly due to the fact that these cops are people who have been mandated to ensure that law and order exists and that the rights of every individual is ensured. Being entrusted to the care of someone who portrays a completely different behaviour to the one that he or she is expected to show can bring about all sorts of issues.

Currently, the issue of some cops thinking that they are like demigods among humans has raised its ugly head and the latest one has to do with Detective Robert Griffin who decided to unlawfully pursue a case against a mother and her son just to favour the woman’s husband.

As peace-loving people with respect for human life, each and every one of you is being entreated to help raise enough financial resources in order to ensure that all legal charges for the case against one of the ‘bad nuts’ in the police service is won lawfully. The time to act as well-meaning people in the society is now and through this, a clear message will be sent to each and every cop who might be harbouring the idea of pursuing such unlawful activities against people in the society for their selfish gains.

Now, it is Dezrin Carby-Samuels and her son, Raymond but it could be you the next time so help this cause to flush out all corrupt cops from the police service.

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