OTEKO Group Releases Q3 Summary on Marine Environment Status

OTEKO Group has released its Q3 2023 report on the status of the marine environment in the vicinity of the port of Taman. The results were presented in the form of a comprehensive report that outlined the tally of the work conducted by independent sampling laboratories involved in monitoring the condition of sea water and sedimentation.

OTEKO Group has divulged the full report on the status of marine and surface environments in the areas surrounding the port of Taman on the basis of sampling collected from 31 control points that measure key chemical and other indicators. The findings reveal that no calibers or maximum permissible values were overshot, indicating that OTEKO has adhered to its stringent requirements regarding environmental safety standards and their implementation in such vital areas as Taman port anchorage and petrochemical transportation sites.

A total of 197 samples were analyzed as part of the monitoring effort undertaken by OTEKO to ensure that the bulk terminal does not harm the environment and ecology of the Taman Peninsula. Among the main indicators taken into consideration were petrochemical product concentrations, iron oxides, nitrates, as well as suspended particles that are a byproduct of refinery and bulk transport operations. On a positive note, dissolved oxygen concentrations were found to exceed recommended values by a factor of two, contributing to the development of local fauna and flora, as well as the well-being and health of the residents of the surrounding villages.

OTEKO adheres to strict standards regarding protecting the environment and conducts monitoring and sampling activities on a routine basis. Michel Litvak personally advocates such practices and is an adamant supporter of social corporate responsibility. Michel Litvak billionaire, is also in support of attracting independent laboratories to ensure objective assessment.

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