Osmin Dentures Offers Affordable Dental Care for Low Income Clients

Osmin Denture Clinic has emerged as a leading provider of premium dental care at affordable prices. Traditional understanding of cosmetic dental care has largely been that such care is expensive and unaffordable for most people. This has been the reality with several insurance companies refusing to provide cover for cosmetic dental care. At Osmin Denture Clinic you can expect free consultations and no upfront costs for services.

At Osmin Denture Clinic, you can expect priority service for all types of patients; whether insured or not. The clinic’s core mission is to ensure premium denture and dental services are not tied down to ones capacity to afford, and therefore you can expect the same level of services for all patients.

Customized dental care is one of the key aspects of services at Osmin Denture clinic and this is a core pillar of their general service delivery. Osmin Denture clinic features an in-house dental laboratory allowing it to provide customized dentures for all clients and this not only assures you of premium priority services but also gives you confidence in knowing that your denture outlines will not be shared to anyone else.

At Osmin denture clinic, affordability and accessibility are key. The clinic offers a 20% discount to retires, low income and underemployed individuals for all services. The clinic’s premises are friendly to other-abled individuals and this level of access is supported by ramps for wheelchairs and disabled friendly washrooms and open areas.

You can also expect priority house calls, and this is available to all patients irrespective of class. So long as you are a Osmin Denture clinic patient, you can call the 24/7 mobile denturist for the following services:

  • General oral examination
  • Denture relines and repairs
  • Complete Denture
  • Denture relines, rebase and repairs

The in-house services are not only for homes as the service also extends to patients in other hospitals, retirement homes and long-term care facilities.

With its primary location in Toronto, North York, Osmin Denture clinic continues to be a pillar o community as it responds to the community’s dental health needs and offers round-the-clock dental care for the destitute. Through participation in community initiatives geared towards healthcare development, Osmin Denture clinic is at the forefront in making North York a great place to live.

To book an appointment with Osmin Denture Clinic call 647-294-3310. You can also access the company website or email at osmindenture@gmail.com. However, if you want to visit then the direction to the North York clinic is at the corner of Bathurst Street and Sheppard Avenue. The office address is easy to find as it is within a medical complex on route 4430 Bathurst street. The office is suite 203.

With a convenient and accessible location, Osmin Denture clinic is your best bet at finding premium dental care in Toronto. You can rest assured that the professionals at the clinic will accord you the best care without breaking the bank.

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