OSM Offers a Special Peer to Peer Learning Program for Managers

OSM – Open Source Management has recently initiated a special peer to peer learning project between entrepreneurs. The project is known as MBS Business School, the idea of this project is by Paolo Ruggeri. The MBS Business School basically helps managers in sharing their ideas, knowledge, and experiences, and to gain important information from each other ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

“We wanted to help managers to help each other grow by sharing their own personal ideas, knowledge, and experience. This is the reason why we have initiated this idea. We have by now received an amazing response and the managers are actively taking part in our project. We have seen great improvement in managers, as they have started thinking out of the box, which has helped them a lot in facing the different situations in their professional lives. So, if you are a manager then Open Source Management’s MBS Business School is perfect for you”, stated the spokesperson of Open Source Management, while talking about OSM’s recent peer to peer learning project.

In the current unstable market, entrepreneurs and managers should be well aware, and peer to peer learning is a great source of real-time knowledge because the knowledge that is shared in peer to peer learning is usually based on actual experiences of the peers. OSM has taken the idea of the MBS Business School from Paolo Ruggeri – a widely experienced and well-known entrepreneur, who owns several professional business firms in Italy and Europe, and is well known as an author of business books in Italy.

Paolo Ruggeri has himself conducted several peer to peer learning project because he firmly believes that the best learning comes from sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences with each other. The participants of Open Source Management’s peer to peer learning project are highly appreciating the initiate of the Open Source Management, and after seeing an improvement in themselves, they are now encouraging other managers of their companies to join Open Source Management’s MBS Business School.

For more information about the MBS Business School, please go to http://www.opensourcemanagement.it/

About OSM:

OSM – Open Source Management is a popular consulting firm that has played a vital role in the development of Italian businesses. The team of Open Source Management is highly trained and knowledgeable; thus, they are able to help businesses find the right solution for solving the business problems in the most effective way. For details, please visit http://www.opensourcemanagement.it/

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