OroGold Cayman Island’s Liquid Gold is Becoming the New Standard in Anti-Aging Treatments

OroGold Cayman Island has been producing a premium line of skin care since 2008. The first store opened in the United States, but the company has now become global, with locations worldwide covering twenty countries.

Gold has always been considered a precious metal.  In fact, it is considered the most desirable of precious metals.  Measured in karats, (k), 24k gold is the most pure and most sought after, therefore also the most expensive yet precious of the metal commodities.  Now the use of 24K gold has expanded into the skin care line, and consumers, both men and women are flocking to purchase these products.  One supplier of 24K gold skin care is OROGOLD Cosmetics, and these products are now available in the Cayman Islands

The skin care benefits of liquid gold go back centuries, to the time of Cleopatra. 

Cleopatra was known to sleep in a mask of 24k gold to preserve her natural beauty and deter aging. It is said that 24k gold cosmetic products smooth the skin and impart a radiance.  The beauty products supplied by OroGold Cayman Island not only smooth and enhance the skin but have a wide range of usages and can alleviate other skin issues.  Dryness, tightness, and sagging neck skin are becoming less common due to the advent of serious and quality skin care that is available now.  Cannabis is also becoming a popular addition to skin care and has shown great promise in the prevention and sometimes reversal of premature aging.  Cannabis infused ingredients are usually CBD extracts or hempseed oil infusions.  Both and are a natural alternative to synthetic ingredients. 

Consumers today want to look their best and maintain their skin in a healthy condition. 

The skincare field is blossoming, and more individuals than ever are seeking premium products that can’t be found easily.  Gold infused products and those that use only premium ingredients are becoming more and more popular.  In the quest to maintain healthy skin and prevent premature aging, consumers routinely are embracing the most innovative and premium care wholeheartedly.  They are demanding an advanced level of skin care. 

Skin care products are only as good as the individual skin care routine, however. 

For any product to work effectively, it must be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and must be used routinely.  There is a system to skin care that should be followed.  Daily usage of most moisturizers is recommended, and most skin care companies do recommend that application is done on clean skin surfaces.  Recommendations also include applying any creams or lotions according to the weight of the product, with the lightest products being applied first, followed by the heavier products, which will allow better absorption of the heavier products.  Applying moisturizers plus serums is also recommended by experts and it’s also advised to apply to damp skin in order to allow the moisture to become trapped into the skin. 

Under eyes and necks may need special products.

A waiting period after each application is advised to allow each product to do its work properly before applying another product.  Especially before applying makeup, a moisturizer does assist in perfecting the look and consistency of the makeup products.  With all this said, premium products are being purchased in vast amounts now, and if in doubt about usage, a consultation with a beauty advisor that sells premium products is advised.  From beauty masks, to face creams, individuals’ needs vary, and beauty advisor consultations can save time and money.   Adherence to any beauty routine will enhance results. 

About OroGold Cayman Island

OroGold Cayman Island has been producing a premium line of skin care since 2008.  The first store opened in the United States, but the company has now become global, with locations worldwide covering twenty countries.  The newest location is in the Cayman Islands.  There is an online form with response in at least 48 hours, a phone number to call for store hours, and of course email available.  Consultants can provide direction as to what products would benefit a consumer. 

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