Ornella Fado launches the “Brindiamo! Guide,” digital guide about authentic Italian eateries around the world with a sweet mission.

TV producer and hostess of Brindiamo! Ornella Fado, announces the release  of exciting guide, titled the “Brindiamo! Guide”, for all lovers of Italian food and lifestyle around the world.

“The Brindiamo! Guide is a growing website and community that features the most authentic and delicious Italian eateries in the world. This guide will allow users to search for and learn about authentic Italian venues, such as restaurants, pizzerias, gelaterias, pasticcerias, catering and specialty food stores. You’ll also learn about Italian chefs, pizzaioli, gelatai, pasticceri and sommeliers, while immersing yourself in the global Italian community,” says Ornella Fado.

Ms. Fado’s goal with this new and developing project is to create a one-stop shop for everything Italian across the world, based on her years of experience producing Brindiamo! a TV show about fine Italian restaurants and her network of food experts. The Brindiamo! Guide was also designed to promote the Mediterranean Diet, with years of research establishing it as both tasty and healthy. The benefits of Italian food were further reiterated by UNESCO after the organization added it to their Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2013.

Consequently, the guide has been created to ease the process of finding the next Italian meal and making it even easier and more fun to live a happier and

healthier lifestyle. The comprehensive guide identifies the most authentic restaurants and the best vendors anywhere in the world, and contains information about different exquisite dining locations, private chef, ingredients for making delicious Italian meal at home. The guide also feature a special section “A Toast To Italy” where you can find fine eateries, superb hotels as well as aromatic vineyards in Italy.

Users of the guide can also share their restaurant experience by writing  a review on the site, as well as view ratings, reviews and comments from other users.

One of the unique features of the Brindiamo! Guide is the spirit and the  attitude. The goal is to have all the venues listed in the Brindiamo! Guide come together to support “10,000 Gardens in Africa”. The project organized by Slow Food, builds clean, fair, and local gardens in communities in Africa. The organization has created about 3,000 Food Gardens in Africa since 2010.

The Brindiamo! Guide website also features information regarding the Brindiamo! Club Card. The Brindiamo! Club Card is membership-based, offering special promotions and discounts to members at several fine dining establishments, with many more venues to come.

The Brindiamo! community is ready to create many more beautiful gardens in African schools and communities. Ornella Fado and the members of the Brindiamo! Guide want to take part in the program’s mission by raising awareness among young generations about food biodiversity and to train a network of experts to appreciate their land and their products for a better future — all with the Slow Food project.

About Ornella Fado

Ornella Fado is an Italian entrepreneur who has lived in New York City since 1995 and has dedicated the last 13 years of her career to promoting fine Italian restaurants through her TV Show Brindiamo!, which has been on NYC MEDIA since October 2005 and will soon be streaming on Amazon Video.

Ornella is the sole creator of the Brindiamo! Guide and has over a decade of experience exploring and sharing the Italian lifestyle. Born and raised in Italy, Ornella is eager to share her culture with the world in a way that connects Italians and lovers of Italian culture across the globe.

“I am extremely hands-on with the website — I designed it, I update it, I blog for it, and I curate the restaurant pages and contact the venues. I love contacting and researching authentic restaurants and chefs across the globe and I wanted to create a website where you could see what Italian dining looks like and tastes like from South Africa to Argentina and everywhere in between! The Brindiamo! Guide also allows viewers the opportunity to watch previous and current episodes of my television show – Brindiamo!”

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