Origin Dental Wellness Adopts Metal-Free Materials to Enhance Patient Safety

Origin Dental Wellness Adopts Metal-Free Materials to Enhance Patient Safety
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Tulsa, OK – Origin Dental Wellness, a leader in holistic dental care, has announced the adoption of metal-free materials in their cosmetic procedures, marking a significant advancement in patient safety and health.
The initiative aligns with the clinic’s commitment to providing safe, effective, and non-toxic dental solutions.
Transitioning to metal-free materials reflects Origin Dental Wellness’s dedication to holistic health practices, which consider the impact of dental materials on overall wellness. 
“Our move to metal-free materials ensures that our treatments are not only effective but also biocompatible with the body, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and promoting better health outcomes,” stated Dr. Toler, founder of the clinic.
This commitment is part of Origin Dental Wellness’s broader approach to dental care, which integrates the latest advancements in dental technology with a thorough understanding of the interconnections between oral health and overall well-being.
The clinic’s holistic approach includes the use of biocompatible materials, personalized wellness evaluations, and a focus on preventive care through nutrition and lifestyle changes.
About Origin Dental Wellness
Origin Dental Wellness is a Tulsa-based holistic dental clinic that focuses on comprehensive health and wellness. 
Founded by Dr. Toler, the clinic offers a range of services from cosmetic procedures using metal-free materials to preventive and restorative care. 
The team at Origin Dental Wellness is dedicated to providing personalized care that promotes overall health, well-being, and a positive dental experience for all patients.
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