Organization of Hope: A New Treatment Program for Adults

The world today is not in its best shape, wars everywhere, natural disasters destroying lives and properties, the everyday bullying an average high school kid suffers and not to mention the act of terrorism that is on the rise in our communities today, all these put together has ruined a lot of lives, rendered them homeless and hopeless and having to look up to their fellow humans for help.

The Organization of Hope as a group of people who have taken it upon themselves to work together and help handle most of these problems the world is facing, is proud to announce the launch of a new treatment program that is aimed at aiding people handle their lives better.

These treatment programs have been scheduled to fit into your normal everyday life, so you no longer need to quit all you do; business, school or even work. These programs are available for adults, teens and even children alike and would run 24/7.

Organization of Hope offers morning and evening programs 4 days/week, 3/4 hours per session and additional individualized services are provided throughout the week. Times include:  8am-11am; 1pm-4pm; 6pm-9pm; and Emergency Drop In- 11pm-2pm.  A 24-hour/7 days a week crisis line manned by virtual counselors, peer support specialist, and case managers if available. Call now!

OOH Treatment Program integrates evidence-based, multidisciplinary program designed to pave the way to a better future by promoting a proven recovery process. There are several clients program tracks whose length of treatment could range from 6 weeks to a year to complete.

These treatment programs would benefit everyone, no matter the kind of problem you might be facing, be it mental, stress, overdose, addiction, you name it, Organization of Hope is here again with that perfect solution at a time when you thought all hope was lost.

This largely talked about Organization, has done a lot of good to people who have stretched out their hand asking for help in their direction, this can be seen in the testimonial page of our website as good comments from people who their lives has been touched never stop raining in.

About Us:

Organization of Hope (bringing hope) was established in 2009, to help enrich lives and improve communities. Our main mission is to restore hope to the hopeless and leave a mark in the lives of children, adults, veterans and families as the struggle through life.

We offer a whole lot of services targeted at enriching human lives ranging from; Alcohol and drug monitoring, Mental health support, Peer support, Group counseling and therapy, Family reintegration and counseling, individual treatment planning, Adjunctive therapy, only but to mention a few, the full list can be found on our website. 

If you are touched by the work we are doing, you can log onto our website at  and Donate Now or Text Us at 443-317-2030  or you can even volunteer today, and help us help the helpless, nothing is too little, join us as we  make an impact in someone’s life today.

Media Contact
Company Name: Organization of Hope
Phone: 1.855.9OOH.HOPE (1.855.966.4467)
Address:218 East Lexington St, Ste 600
City: Baltimore
State: MD 21202
Country: United States