Orator urges the public to prepare for much harder times as time moves forward

Coveted preacher Davonte Fennell has gained attention online as he warns the public about the declining dollar. Through his tweets, he has advised the public to live below means to have a greater chance of surviving an economic depression.

Davonte Fennell, a well-known speaker and preacher, has recently gained attention and sparked a debate on Twitter with his thoughts on the economic recession. In a recent interview, Fennell stated that despite prices going up, people will likely continue spending money even if debt continues to rise in one’s personal life.

Davonte Fennell stated, “People should inspire to save money in order to survive upcoming events but sadly millions of people are doing the opposite of saving. Ultimately, some will end up blaming the government when things don’t go according to plan. GOD gave us a brain to use, therefore people should want to prepare for the bad times ahead. However, most want to pretend like nothing will happen. The Bible spoke about the end times with everything going on, and I strongly advise listeners to prepare and think about the kids before anything else.”

Fennell further stated, “I want people to remember the next message I’m about to say. If a person chooses to finance expensive things without having the money in bank to pay for those things upfront, it actually means those things can’t be afforded in the first place. I believe people should learn how to be more frugal and with the understanding that the money spent on financing new cars and other things could be money saved in the bank for the children’s future, or for emergency expenses. Having money taken out of the bank each month for a car that might lose value soon is a very unwise financial move to make.”

More details and valuable advice from preacher Davonte Fennell can be seen at twitter.com/vonandvanna and at http://www.linkedin.com/in/davontefennell

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