Oral Mucositis Therapeutics Market Expected to Increase with CAGR of 6.6% Throughout the Study Period (2018-30) in the 7MM, According to DelveInsight

Oral Mucositis Therapeutics Market Expected to Increase with CAGR of 6.6% Throughout the Study Period (2018-30) in the 7MM, According to DelveInsight
Oral Mucositis Market
The rising incidence of cancer cases, the expected approval, and widespread adoption of emerging therapies such as Avasopasem, BupiZenge, and others are expected to drive growth in the Oral Mucositis market size.

DelveInsight’s Oral Mucositis market report provides an in-depth understanding of the Oral Mucositis, historical and forecasted epidemiology, as well as Oral Mucositis market trends in the 7MM (the United States, EU5 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom), and Japan). The Oral Mucositis market report also covers current treatment practices, emerging drugs, Oral Mucositis market share of individual therapies, as well as current and forecasted Oral Mucositis market size from 2018 to 2030, segmented by seven major markets.

Some of the Important Findings from the Oral Mucositis Market Report

  • According to Sonis et al., Oral Mucositis prevalence in the general cancer patient population ranges from 30% to 40%.

  • As per DelveInsight’s Oral Mucositis epidemiology insights, the total incident cases were found to be 1,480,453 in the 7MM in 2020.

  • According to DelveInsight, the highest number of Oral Mucositis incident cases among the grade-specific was of Grade III, followed by Grade I, II and IV respectively in the United States in 2020.

  • Key players such as Galera Therapeutics, Monopar Therapeutics, Soligenix, NeoMedLight, BrainCool, MuReva (Lumitex),  Oncozenge, and others are involved in developing drugs/devices for Oral Mucositis. 

  • Galera’s lead product candidate Avasopasem, also known as Avasopasem manganese or GC4419, is a highly selective small molecule superoxide dismutase (SOD) mimetic under investigation for the treatment of radiation-induced severe oral mucositis.

  • SGX942 (Dusquetide) is an investigational agent being developed by Soligenix. SGX942 is a rapid 4-minute infusion given twice a week during chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment to reduce the duration and severity of severe oral mucositis.

  • MuReva is developing the MuReva Phototherapy System, which is an intraoral illuminated mouthpiece that can deliver light to all soft tissue susceptible to oral mucositis at the same time.

To get a  detailed analysis of the WHO oral mucositis grading scale, request sample @ Oral Mucositis Guidelines

The Oral Mucositis market report also discusses current Oral Mucositis treatment practices/algorithms, Oral Mucositis market drivers, Oral Mucositis market barriers, and unmet medical needs in order to curate the best opportunities and assess the market’s underlying potential.

Oral Mucositis: Overview

Oral Mucositis is characterized by erythematous and ulcerative lesions of the oral mucosa in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy to fields involving the oral cavity. This can cause a variety of issues, including pain, nutritional issues due to inability to eat, and an increased risk of infection due to open sores in the mucosa.

Oral Mucositis Epidemiology Segmentation

The Oral Mucositis report proffers epidemiological analysis for the study period 2018-30 in the 7MM segmented into:

  • Oral Mucositis Total Incident Cases 

  • Oral Mucositis Grade-Specific Incident Cases 

  • Oral Mucositis Total Treated Cases 

Oral Mucositis Treatment Landscape

The current clinical management of Oral Mucositis focuses primarily on palliative measures such as pain management, nutritional support, and the maintenance of good oral hygiene. Some of the FDA-approved drugs/devices used for Oral Mucositis treatment include Kepivance (palifermin), Episil, MuGard, and Chemo Mouthpiece.

Oral Mucositis Market 

The Oral Mucositis market size in the 7MM might grow at a CAGR of 6.6%.

The rising incidence of cancer cases, the expected approval and widespread adoption of emerging therapies such as Avasopasem, SGX942, BupiZenge, and others and an increase in R&D activities are expected to drive growth in the Oral Mucositis market size. 

Oral Mucositis Emerging Therapies/Devices and Key Companies 

  • Avasopasem (GC4419): Galera Therapeutics

  • SGX942: Soligenix

  • Validive (Clonidine Lauriad): Monopar Therapeutics

  • CareMin650: NeoMedLight

  • Cooral/CoolPrevent: BrainCool

  • MuReva Phototherapy System: MuReva (Lumitex)

  • BupiZenge: Oncozenge 

For complete information on the emerging therapies, visit @ Oral Mucositis Treatment Drugs

Oral Mucositis Market Driver

  • Increasing Incidence of Cancer patients

  • Ongoing Research and Development

  • Robust Oral Mucositis Pipeline Activity

Oral Mucositis Market Barriers

  • Limited or No Awareness About the Disease

  • Lack of Diagnostic Methods

  • The High Cost of Treatment

Scope for the Report

Coverage: 7MM (the US, EU5 (the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France) and Japan)

Study Period: 2018-30

Oral Mucositis Key Companies: Galera Therapeutics, Monopar Therapeutics, Soligenix, NeoMedLight, BrainCool, MuReva (Lumitex),  Oncozenge, among others. 

Oral Mucositis Key Pipeline Therapies/Devices: Avasopasem(GC4419), SGX942 , Validive (Clonidine Lauriad), CareMin650, Cooral/CoolPrevent, MuReva Phototherapy System, BupiZenge,and others.

Oral Mucositis Segmentation: By Geography, By Oral Mucositis therapies

Analysis: Comparative and conjoint analysis of Oral Mucositis emerging therapies/devices

Tools Used: SWOT Analysis

Case Studies

KOL’s Views

Analyst’s Views

Table of Contents 


Key Insights


Executive Summary of Oral Mucositis


SWOT Analysis of Oral Mucositis


Oral Mucositis: Market Share (%) Distribution Overview at a Glance: By Country


Oral Mucositis Epidemiology and Market Methodology


Oral Mucositis: Disease Background and Overview


Diagnosis of Oral Mucositis


Oral Mucositis Epidemiology and Patient Population


Oral Mucositis Epidemiology Scenario: 7MM


Oral Mucositis The United States Epidemiology


Oral Mucositis EU-5 Epidemiology


Oral Mucositis Japan Epidemiology


Current Treatment Practices: Oral Mucositis


Prevention of Oral Mucositis


Guidelines of Oral Mucositis


Oral Mucositis Unmet Needs


Patient Journey of Oral Mucositis


Key Endpoints in Oral Mucositis Clinical Trials


Oral Mucositis Marketed Therapies


Oral Mucositis Emerging Therapies


Oral Mucositis: Seven Major Market Analysis


Oral Mucositis 7MM Market Size


Oral Mucositis The United States Market Size


Oral Mucositis EU-5 Market Size


Oral Mucositis Japan Market Size


Market Access and Reimbursement of Oral Mucositis Therapies


Market Drivers of Oral Mucositis


Market Barriers of Oral Mucositis




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