Optiman Personal Training Launch Bespoke Personal Training and Nutrition Service For Men Across Bournemouth and Westbourne

In a world full of fitness fads and gimmicky products, Bournemouth fitness trainer Aidan Burr announced the launch of Bournemouth and Westbourne’s bespoke personal training and nutrition service for men under the banner of Optiman Personal Training, focusing on delivering results without restrictive diets whilst fitting in with today’s busy lifestyles.

Aidan’s Optiman Personal Training programme is unique due to 6 distinct features, which are:

  1. A Comprehensive Bespoke Programme and Service: Each client that Aidan takes on gets his full-undivided attention and providing a personalised service. Aidan’s aim is to provide an effective plan, specifically designed to fit in and around the client’s busy lifestyle enabling them to achieve the best results possible with the least amount of personal sacrifice.
  2. Effective Workout System: Because each client gets a personalised programme, the exercises are also focus on achieving the results the clients’ desire. Whether they want to lose fat, build lean muscle faster or get ripped, each programme contains a workout system to achieving results more effectively without spending hours and hours in the gym.
  3. No Diets: This men’s personal trainer in Westbourne does not believe in restrictive diets, rather in nutritionally balanced food that serves a fuel for workouts and the client’s busy lifestyle. His client’s enjoy complete food freedom.
  4. Supportive Community: As a personal trainer in Bournemouth for several years, Aidan has seen his clients fail their fitness goals due to one major reason: lack of support and encouragement, this pushed Aidan to develop a supportive community of like-minded men working towards a similar goal.
  5. Optiman Coaching App: Aidan as enlisted the help of experienced app developers to build an app that provides everything this clients could possibly need at the touch of a button on their phone. It allows Aidan and his client to keep track of their fitness goals and activities.
  6. Zero Fads and Gimmicks: Aidan advices his clients to avoid fads and gimmicks at all costs. His program is designed to be effective and provides permanent results without following any quick fix rubbish that do more harm than good.

Aidan is currently offering a free transformation session to celebrate the launch of his Optiman Personal Training program for men.


Aidan is a highly experienced, formally trained fitness trainer based in Bournemouth. His exercise and nutritional training programs focus on is getting fast, long lasting results WHILST still being able to enjoy life. His training programmes are designed shows men how to get in shape and have a guilt free lifestyle. He is the founder of the Optiman Personal Training Programme.

For more information, please visit: https://www.optimanpersonaltrainer.co.uk/

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