OptiBond Solo Plus Debuts at Dental Savings

Dental Savings Adds Dental Adhesive from KaVo Kerr OptiBond Solo Plus to Inventory

Dental supplies are expensive and dentists are often seeking the best prices for them, and lower-cost alternatives to costly major brand dental products. OptiBond Solo Plus is one of these products, and Dental Savings is now a proud authorized seller.

OptiBond Solo Plus by KaVo Kerr

OptiBond Solo Plus is a single component total-etch dental adhesive. It provides dental professionals with high-quality dental adhesive for crowns, veneers, posts, onlays, inlays, and core materials. Due to its 15% filled material reinforcing dentin tubules, the bond is strong and durable for long-lasting effects.

OptiBond Solo Plus is manufactured by reputable KaVo Kerr, a leader in dental products. KaVo Kerr has a long history of producing quality dental products, and their commitment to Dental Excellence is undeniable. Their motto, “Quality and Precision,” is seen throughout the planning, production, and delivery of products. Dentists worldwide have trusted in KaVo Kerr products for decades, and the same is true of OptiBond Solo Plus.

OptiBond Solo Plus’s most notable features are the fluoride release, use of ethanol instead of acetone, and the unidose deliverables available. Less microleakage and protection against “white lines” at the gums are what dental patients swoon over when dentists use OptiBond Solo Plus. Other benefits include the product not having any evaporation, less waste, easier inventory control, saves time and money, and provides performance and versatility.

Dentists have been using OptiBond Solo Plus for many years with great success. “A great adhesive continues to build upon its reputation, lab testing and ease of use. I have utilized Optibond Solo Plus and Optivond XTR for thousands of successful direct and indirect restoration since 1989. Kerr continues to be a leader in the dental adhesive field,” says Kent E. White, DDS.

Dental Savings is honored to carry a high-quality dental product from KaVo Kerr. With the lowest pricing for OptiBond Solo Plus online, many dentists have already taken advantage of the deal on the dental adhesive product.

“When we received approval from KaVo Kerr to be an authorized seller of OptiBond Solo Plus, we knew this was going to be big for us. Dentists have already asked us for the product and we’re happy we were able to successfully procure it for them,” says .

OptiBond Solo Plus is now available on the Dental Savings website in various deliverables, including kits. Transparent pricing allows buyers to compare deliverables before purchase. Go to the OptiBond Solo Plus product page for more information.

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Dental Savings seeks to provide exceptional dental products at competitive prices to dentists in the USA. Committed to exceeding customer expectations, Dental Savings has been able to serve the demands of the dental market with its wide range of wholesale and individual dental supplies. For additional information about Dental Savings and OptiBond Solo Plus, call 888-313-DENT.

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