OpenSea Pro has launched, and the WEB3BOX airdrop has begun

Just a few days ago, on March 29th, Gem announced that it had approved over 50,000 applications for its Gem V2 testing. People were still asking about Gem V2 testing eligibility on Gem’s Discord server just a couple of days ago, and now the change has happened so suddenly… Gem has now become OpenSea Pro.

Gem has released the Gemesis NFT series to thank its users for their support all along the way. All users who have used Gem to purchase NFTs before March 31, 2023, can Free Mint 1 Gemesis NFT. According to OpenSea’s official statement, the earlier you used Gem, the higher the level of Gemesis NFT you will receive. In addition, OpenSea also mentioned in the official statement that it is planning to offer NFT-based community rewards, which are not related to Gemesis NFTs.

OpenSea Pro

Compared to Blur, OpenSea Pro offers a Mint Monitoring feature. With this feature, users can monitor the Mint trends of new NFT projects on the Ethereum network in real time, which is very helpful for mining short-term popular projects. OpenSea Pro not only focuses on improving the user experience at the transaction level but also retains some basic features that users need on OpenSea. In addition to optimizing the mobile experience, OpenSea Pro has also made efforts in the following areas:

Supports ERC-1155 NFT series;

– Automatically aggregates the best offers from various NFT markets, allowing users to sell their NFTs at the fastest speed. According to OpenSea’s official statement, OpenSea Pro aggregates more than 170 NFT markets, making Instant Sell a great feature for users who urgently need to sell their images;

– Batch transfer. Blur did not provide users with the ability to transfer NFTs, while OpenSea Pro retains the batch transfer feature on OpenSea. While meeting the trading needs of Pro Traders, it has not forgotten the basic features that all NFT players need;

– Gas optimization;

– Potential airdrops. There was already a hint on the Gem V2 page that “we are tracking your activity on Gem to score you,” and now this hint still exists on the OpenSea Pro page.

Regarding the scoring rules, the Gem team has been tight-lipped and only revealed on Discord that “buying and selling NFTs is not the only activity that is scored.” There is no clear answer as to whether Gem V1 activities will be scored, only a reply of “there is no information at the moment.” As for what the reward will be, NFTs or $GEM, it is still unknown and will require an official announcement from OpenSea.

In summary, Gem has become OpenSea Pro, and OpenSea has started a positive counterattack against Blur. Blur has just encountered a controversy over the extension of double points, and in the face of the formidable OpenSea Pro, it should speed up its pace. OpenSea Pro fills in the gaps in OpenSea’s trading experience and reflects to some extent that the technical barriers between NFT markets are not high. It also clarifies that trading experience is the key focus that NFT trading markets need to work on at this stage. OpenSea provides different forms of products to different groups with different needs. OpenSea Pro will maintain zero fees at this stage to meet the needs of high-frequency trading by Traders, while OpenSea will resume a 2.5% transaction fee.


WEB3BOX airdrop has begun

WEB3BOX is a completely innovative DeFi Mystery box project, funded and operated independently in the form of DAO by top blockchain teams in the crypto circle. Users can get digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, $WT (WEB3BOX ecological token), as well as high-value NFTs such as Otherdeed, Sandbox, and Meebits in WEB3BOX.

The initial 3000 Genesis Mystery Boxes contain 15% of the total $WT, which is 1 billion, so 15% is 150 million. The Genesis Mystery Box can be opened with a minimum of 30,000 $WT and a maximum of 10 million $WT, with an estimated value of between 2500 USDT and 100,000 USDT. After the 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes are sold out, $WT will be listed on the exchange, with an estimated price of 1 $WT = 0.1 USDT. The airdrop has been ongoing and 561Genesis Mystery Boxes have been successfully sold.

Don’t miss this one in a million chance of being airdropped to WEB3BOX-PASS! Out of the 3 million users on OpenSea, only 10,000 wallets have been targeted for airdrops and once the 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes are sold out, all WEB3BOX-PASS will be automatically invalidated. The value of $WT will increase with the difficulty of acquisition, and early holders of $WT will enjoy the bonus of price appreciation. For those who are not airdropped to WEB3BOX-PASS, they can choose other mysterious Mystery boxes from WEB3BOX with 100% winning rate.

To ensure absolute fairness in the process of opening BOX, WEB3BOX will use a hash algorithm that cannot be reversed to ensure that the unboxing process is tamper-proof. The calculated value is the prize of this unboxing. For example: User A opens the WEB3BOX-Plus box, User A’s “My Seed” is “WEB3BOX”, the opening time point is UTC time 2023-03-03 06:01:23.563, corresponding timestamp 1677823283563, then use sha256 to calculate “WEB3BOX1677823283563”, the calculated hash value is 036b40c52a8f70b48ed4197dc4c36d181c1c208f78382ca1deb0497dce9ccf97; Finally, take the first 5 digits of the hash value, 036b4, convert to decimal to get the prize value: 14004, if 14004 is within the range of OtherDeed’s prizes, User A will get the corresponding OtherDeed NFT.

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