Open Brace launches their new product ADskore, for B2B digital customers

Open Brace a leading SAP Consultancy has released its B2B product ― ADskore, an alternative platform for RTB (Real-time bidding) for B2B digital consumers. ADskore is a Self-Serve Demand Side & RTB Advertising Platform for Mobile Ads. ADskore works on a cloud platform developed by OpenBrace and utilizes the power of in-memory databases as backend.

“ADskore’s vision is to make marketing better using data science,” said Arun Bala, CEO, Open Brace, SAP Mentors Alumnus. “In time, ADskore is expected to grow 10x on its client base.” The launch of the product was done at a recent Chennai Javascript Users Group Event – ChennaiJS.

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ADskore is a programmatic advertising platform, which once heavily relied on managing direct marketing strategies. ADskore works with mobile publishers and ad-exchanges in an ecosystem that demands processing of bids in a span of few milliseconds. ADskore platform now gives marketers the opportunity to tap into new advertising channels as well as potential new sales, and enables campaigns reach very specific target groups with highest level of accuracy.

Open Brace is a consultancy with focus on building customized digital solutions, infrastructure and applications management around SAP products. Based in Chennai, India, Open Brace is a certified SAP Startup Focus Member and one the few companies onboard SAP HANA Development Accelerator Program. Open Brace is a software products publishing and consulting firm that specializes in creating web platforms that people enjoy using. The company provides consulting services for enterprise use-cases on data science, artificial intelligence, enterprise and business applications among others.

Open Brace consists of a team of expert and experienced professionals having deep knowledge of the business processes. Apart from making SaaS products, Open Brace provides consulting for businesses. In the era of technology, a number of early stage companies, small and medium scale industries, struggle due to lack of knowledge about the right enterprise-grade stack for them and how it can help them in growing their business. The team works closely with SAP clients and focuses on giving them bespoke solutions. Open Brace is an exclusive provider of information technology, business consulting, enterprise software applications, and business process services. 

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