Oodlebit cryptocurrency exchange introduces their Ethereum based coin OODL

Oodlebit is a new U.S. based cryptocurrency opening in early 2019, that has introduced their native coin OODL, a tradable cryptocurrency that gives its users utility on the Oodlebit platform. It is one of the few coins in the market that can be utilized in a real-world business (Oodlebit) which gives it a real value as a digital asset.

Nicholas Dooley founded Oodlebit as a cryptocurrency exchange in 2018 with an aim to provide users with fast trades, fair fees, and fantastic support. The platform is being developed in C++ utilizing the best technologies and the most talented professionals. They plan to release simple and advanced trading interfaces available on the Web, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Within a short period of Oodlebits inception, they managed to gain the trust of their audience, their user base continues to grow at a rapid rate, and they predict a strong launch in early 2019.

Oodlebit will perform frequent audits and security checks to maintain the privacy of their users and the security of their funds. Using their APIs, developers can also build third-party applications, such as algorithmic trading bots, monitoring tools, and more. The traders are also provided with a full set of charting tools to visualize the markets and make informed decisions. The Oodlebit exchange offers multiple order types such as Limit, Market and Stop Loss to conquer all scenarios.

Much like the Binance’s BNB coin, which was the main component in providing funding for Binance via the ICO, the OODL coin will be a very important part of their platform. Similar to the BNB coin, the OODL coin is also based on the ERC-20 standard and runs on the Ethereum blockchain natively. In addition, users qualify for reduced trading fees up to 50% and flat trading fees that never exceed $20 USD per trade when they choose to pay with OODL.

The total supply of the OODL coin will be 200,000,000 out of which 50% will be available to the public through signup rewards, affiliate program rewards, and other promotions until all of the 100 Million OODL are distributed. The remaining 100 Million OODL will be distributed to the founders and investors subject to a 4-year lock-up period. Furthermore, there will be a Buyback agreement, and every profitable quarter Oodlebit will take 10% of the net profit and buy back OODL coins from the open market until they reach 50 million coins. The purchased coins will be destroyed utilizing the OODL burn contract, thus decreasing the overall coin supply. Find more information at oodlebit.com.

In case of any queries, drop a message to admin@oodlebit.com.

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