Ontario’s Leading Freight Company at Ontario Container Transport

From freight services to warehouse and distribution – Ontario Container Transport can handle it all.

Finding reliable and efficient freight companies can be quite difficult. With businesses wanting faster delivery at lower costs, it can be hard for most companies to accommodate them. Ontario Container Transport is one of the leading freight shipping companies in Canada. They are the top container hauling company for their timely deliveries, and high standards of service.

Ontario Container Transport (OCT) provides their customers a comprehensive list of services. Depending on the clients’ needs, they aim to provide, warehousing, moving, and freight shipping no matter what sized project it is. They customize their distribution solutions to suit each client individually. Unlike other transportation companies, OCT can provide air, water, and land freight shipping.

Whether you want to move a residence home or an entire office building – OCT has the manpower, experience, and equipment to get that job done safely. Their team will load and unload your belongings, and take extra precaution for delicate items, including fastening straps, blanket wrapping, and specialty packing boxes.

OCT offers a range of services to their clients, including trucking freight services, ocean/air/rail shipping, warehousing, distribution, as well as other additional services. They also offer their clients’ storage containers that are generally for relocation purposes. OCT will pick up the container and store it in their warehouse or relocate it to a location of your choosing. Their warehouses are protected with 24/7 surveillance, advanced sprinkler system and smoke detection, and a high-end item fenced area.

OCT’s intermodal container shipping covers Canada, the US, and beyond. They strive to have fast and affordable shipping for their clients. They offer four different types of shipping containers depending on their clients’ specifications. These include Less Than Intermodal Container Shipping (LCL), Full Intermodal Container Shipping (FCL), Reefer Containers, and Ventilated Containers.

Their air freight services are one of the fastest ways to get shipments to their desired locations. OCT has no air cargo shipping limits that expedited due to OCT’s established relationships. OCT offers fast and affordable air transportation with delivery in as little as three days. Clients can also choose if they wish to transport their items in temperature controlled containers or combine air freight with intermodal shipping.

Their ocean freight services can be relied on for its timely delivery, transport options, and knowledgeable services. Due to a ship’s large size, ocean cargo shipping offers clients flexibility in the kind and amount of cargo that can be transported. Though it’s not as fast as air shipping, it’s the best option for longer distances and heavier items.

For more information about Ontario Container Transport, you can visit them on their website or contact them directly by phone or email. They provide a wide range of services to help you store and relocate. They offer prospective clients a free quote so that they can get a feel of their service quality.

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