ONPOW LAS1-AGQ Series: A Versatile and Customizable Metal Push Button Switch Solution

LAS1-AGQMetal Key selector emergency stop Push Button Switch  24

  The LAS1-AGQ series, produced by ONPOW, has always been a flagship metal push button switch product. It has been widely praised by customers for its commonly used installation dimensions, high degree of customization, exquisite appearance, and quality. The 19mm standard installation size is more ergonomic, providing a more comfortable press. Additionally, this series can also be expanded to 22mm and 30mm installation sizes.

  The LAS1-AGQ can control up to 2 sets of normally open and normally closed circuits. Our highly customizable service allows customers to choose the color of the metal push button switch housing, LED illumination color, and even a waterproof tail wiring scheme, making their equipment more competitive and aesthetically pleasing.

  Quality assurance has always been one of ONPOW’s goals, and the LAS1-AGQ series is no exception. It boasts a mechanical life of 1 million cycles and an electrical life of 50,000 cycles, while the metal housing enhances product cleanliness and durability.


  Founded on October 4, 1988, formerly known as “Yueqing Hongbo Radio Factory”

  The registered capital is RMB 80.08 million

  More than 30 years of experience in continuous development and production of button switch products

  About 40 series of pushbutton switches products

  More than 1500 sets of moulds are available for production

  1~2 series of new products are developed every year

  More than 70 patents

  Management system certification: quality system ISO9001, environmental system ISO14001 Occupational health and safety system ISO45001

  Product safety certification: UL, VDE, CCC, CE (LVD), CE (EMC).

Why Choose Us

 Application Solution

  Sales staff will fully understand customer needs, usage scenarios and precautions through actual conditions, and then provide you with professional and reasonable product application suggestions.

  ONPOW provides you with a rich lineup of switches that are superior in functionality and design, and we can recommend ideal products for you according to your use and purpose.

  If you have any difficulties, questions or ambiguities, please consult experienced ONPOW.

 Customized Solution

  Through full communication between sales, customers and technicians, we can understand the types of customer customization and customer needs.   Finally, the technical department sorts out and disassembles the customization requirements, and makes targeted customized documents.   After confirmation by the customer, it will be permanently stored in the company with an exclusive code server.

  In addition, ONPOW, as a leading company in the push button switch field, effectively utilizes years of accumulated experience in the push button switch field to provide customers with professional customization suggestions and help customers achieve differentiation.

  If you are still struggling to choose a durable, aesthetically pleasing, highly customizable, and universal metal push button switch, the LAS1-AGQ series is your best choice. Contact us for more product information! Thank you for your attention!

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