Review: Improving Marketing Efforts through Email Automation

Emails have been around for quite some time now, and it is constantly evolving. Based on research, there are approximately 290 billion emails that are sent daily and by the year 2023, it is predicted to reach 347 billion. As emails continuously gained momentum, more businesses are seeing their relevance in achieving their marketing goals.

It is no secret how the internet has drastically changed and affected people’s lives – the business industry is not an exemption. In fact, it has opened many opportunities for businesses in terms of communication, productivity, and marketing.

What is email automation?

Email automation refers to the process of sending action-triggered emails in response to the user’s specific action done on the website. This includes welcome emails for customers who signed up for a mailing list, product recommendations, Thank you emails, and transactional emails. Email automation makes marketing more personalized, efficient, reliable, and relevant.

Also, with email automation, businesses gain valuable insight regarding their target audiences in terms of their behavior and preferences and help build a lasting relationship with the customers. This, in turn, provides businesses the opportunity to generate more leads, sales, and revenue. That being said, helps businesses improve their marketing efforts through email automation.

While there are varieties of marketing strategies today, for, email automation remains the most effective and efficient way to connect with the target market and help businesses achieve extraordinary results. Why is that so? Find out below.

What are the advantages of email automation?

In today’s highly competitive business industry, email automation proves to be the most powerful ally of business owners in leveraging their businesses, and it provides the following advantages.

  • It helps create brand awareness – Through relevant and engaging emails, customers will gain awareness and understanding of the business.
  • It helps nurture leads – Emails are designed to nurture leads. With email automation, businesses can send out timely, relevant, and personalized messages to connect with prospective customers. This, in turn, allows prospective customers to become more receptive and is more likely to stay as paying customers. Also, implementing email can drastically improve conversions.
  • It helps improve customer retention – Marketing is not always about attracting new customers. The most effective way to boost revenue is to retain existing customers. It can be achieved by sending exclusive offers to repeat customers and automated requests for feedback. This strategy will then strengthen the seller-customer relationship and increases customers’ lifetime value.
  • It saves time because it is automatic – Gone are the days when businesses send an email manually. Through email automation, business owners just need to set a specific workflow, and voila! The system is now in charge of distributing emails based on time specified and action-triggered events by the customers. This allows business owners to focus on more relevant tasks, thus, increases productivity and leads to a greater return on investment.
  • It is cost-efficient – Compared with the usual cold calling and sending out emails manually, email automation does not require a large sales team to ensure that emails are delivered. This saves businesses in terms of labor and money.

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