Online Success Coach Unveils Exciting New Video Marketing Services

Over the past few years, the innovation of businesses quickly influenced the development of different marketing strategies, such as online advertisements and “viral” marketing campaigns. These strategies now work as many people are spending their time online. Also, data shows that online users spend most of their time watching videos.

To put this in perspective: in a 2018 Statista report, 85% of internet users in the United States watched online video content from their smartphones every month. In a related study by HubSpot in the same year, more than half (or around 54%) of consumers wanted to see more video content from their favorite brands. A more recent study by Limelight in 2019 showed that users spent an average of nearly seven hours a week watching online videos.

Experts also agree that, since conducting their research, demand for video content has rapidly increased over the years and it’s a trend that will certainly continue on to the future. Global daily viewing time will average at 100 minutes a day by 2021, by current estimates.

Because of this, businesses are starting to shift from the usual online visual marketing like ads and posters to the newly established digital marketing videos. In fact, 87% of marketing professionals include videos in their digital marketing strategy, according to a recent study by Wyzowl in 2019.

But what’s in it for businesses who want to engage in video marketing? According to another study in 2019, more than 70% of consumers say that a brand’s video has influenced their purchasing decision for that particular brand. In lead generation, another study shows that video marketers get over 60% more qualified leads per year.

Another study shows that video marketing increases brand awareness by 54%. Most importantly, marketing practitioners put an 80% satisfaction rating when it comes to their return on investment in video marketing efforts. It is also estimated that over 80% of internet traffic to websites comes from watching related videos.

So it seems that video is a powerful tool for marketing in general but will video marketing work for small businesses? There’s a misconception that innovation and technological changes put small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at a disadvantage. All these marketing advancements seem to require the costly services of a tech administrator or a design expert. But the increase in demand for video content has spurred the increase in agencies offering video marketing services to businesses of all types and sizes. Thus, even small businesses can now enjoy the benefits of using video in their marketing.

Digital marketing strategies can assist these businesses in widening their customer reach. Since many business coaching companies also provide social media management and online marketing campaigns as part of their product and service packages, business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs prefer business coaches that utilize digital marketing strategies.

And so there are now a number of digital marketing service providers offering video marketing services to small businesses but perhaps the biggest question is: which digital marketing service provider can provide the best service? A trusted name in digital marketing and business coaching has introduced its own video marketing services and is leveraging its industry knowledge of the SME market.

Among all the existing business coaching service providers, Online Success Coach is one company that provides outstanding and exceptional video marketing services. Using its expertise, Online Success Coach aims to assist clients in establishing their business to help them improve their sales and profits.

Through video advertising, Online Success Coach responds to a growing number of customer needs. Clients can now reach customers across the globe, regardless of their location. Moreover, since these video marketing tools can be posted and disseminated on different online platforms, such as websites and social media, Online Success Coach’s clients can also reach their customers regardless of the online platform used.

Online Success Coach’s innovative and modern marketing method helps business owners establish their position in their respective industries. Along with its offered video marketing services, Online Success Coach offers business coaching and other marketing content packages. Indeed, the company offers varied products and services depending on client needs.

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