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Business comes with risks. It is a fact that more businesses fail than succeed if it is not done well. According to studies, about 20% of new businesses fail in their first two years, almost 50% fail in the first five years, and a little more than 50% reach the ten-year mark. Only 25% of them lasts for more than 15 years.

As dire as these statistics seem, the times have turned for the worst. The recent events have slowed down the economy. Many businesses that have been stable for decades have found themselves struggling. A number have sadly folded. And for new businesses? The outlook has never been bleaker.

So the question among entrepreneurs is how to make business success sustainable, especially under these trying times? Online Education Success, a business solutions provider, offers timely advice: lean into digital operations.

Conducting Business Online

Many businesses have already beefed-up their online operations to thrive more in these times. Conducting businesses online offers many advantages over traditional means. For one, it involves leaner operation processes. Business owners and customers can transact directly with each other while bridging distance and time. It is efficient and cuts costs significantly.

One other aspect of business that benefits from the multiplying effect of the internet are its marketing process. The internet offers a near-boundless platform for marketing to thrive.  Online Education Success highly recommends that entrepreneurs take full advantage of digital marketing to have the best chance of surviving the challenging times.

VSL Services

Take the humble sales letter. It was a way of mass-producing the services of an effective salesman over post or mail – the most encompassing communication network before the internet. Now, there is a video sales letter, the digital evolution of the sales letter. Businesses can now win over customers far more effectively with the multimedia approach of video sales letters (VSLs).

How does a business get itself a great video sales letter? Surprisingly, it is not the production that makes a good VSL but an original idea and script. Getting creative writing services for a video sales letter is key.

Email Marketing Services

Another digital marketing strategy that so happens to work well with video sales letters, is email marketing. VSLs can be disseminated on the internet in different ways, but the most selective approach would be through email. Whether it is about lead generation, product promotions, advertising, or direct selling – email marketing targets decision-makers and individuals with the power to make purchases.

Email is still the favored internet communication method when it comes to businesses and business-related undertaking, and it is another digital marketing avenue that entrepreneurs can take advantage of.

Social Media Marketing Services

If email marketing can be described as a focused effort then perhaps social media marketing is a broader approach to connecting with customers. Social media is perhaps the most popular communication platform on the internet for both formal and casual purposes. Where internet availability is good, most people are often logged-on to social media. Social media marketing is designed to tap into this, providing businesses a means to the network to thousands, if not millions.

Businesses can promote themselves, build their brand, increase their following organically, and ultimately increase sales and revenue. Social media marketing is a very involved process that requires expert advice and guidance to be effective.

SEO Services

Through free social media accounts, many online businesses call social media their home. But more technologically astute, business-savvy, and reputable outfits have websites as their business headquarters. A website is just more professional and less amateurish. But for a website to serve its purpose of attracting customers, it needs to be very “visible” to search engines.

Businesses need search engines to rank their websites high among related web searches. This is because customers are likeliest to visit websites featured on the first page of search results. Designing and configuring a website to affect search engine algorithms is called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO has become a science, and businesses are best helped by getting SEO services from experts.

Professional Development

A good digital marketing provider may provide marvel solutions for a struggling entrepreneur, but proper marketing administration should be long-term and should remain well-implemented beyond the active services of the provider. In short, entrepreneurs should learn how to apply marketing strategies on their own. Empowering leaders are the true secret to sustainability in business success.

For this, Online Education Success offers digital marketing solutions packaged with Business Coaching. Business coaching is counseling, consultation, and mentorship all rolled into one. Entrepreneurs upskilling themselves is perhaps the best investment they can do to ensure business success.

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