OnGraviti is the Latest Must-Have Social Media App with an Ad-Free Matchmaking Capability

Chicago, IL – OnGraviti an organized, convenient, and much-needed synthesized mobile app that will centralize every element of social networking, connecting, and online dating in just one digital tool, was this week labeled as the “must-have social app” for summer 2019. 

Creating an ad-free social media experience that users so desperately desire as social media sites become cluttered with 10-30 second mandatory ads, OnGraviti is where people can be themselves again.

“Big social media sites have become completely for-profit operations, forcing brands to pay for exposure today,” said Monsaur Othman, Founder, and Owner of OnGraviti. “We are bringing the organic and connective element of social networking back into the picture, except this time, with multiple use cases. Users can use our app to do everything from find dates to the business network, to locate roommates for an upcoming apartment or home vacancies.”

OnGraviti is segmenting the social networking experience so it is more compatible with a variety of users. For example, app downloaders can choose private or public profiles for one of five intra-app segments, closing off their information in the dating realm so they can remain private from their business dealings. As a result, OnGraviti keeps all app engagement compartmentalized and separate, so profiles can be switched through seamlessly.

“We understand that app users do not want to mix dating, flirting, and socialization with the business element of the tool, which is why we make it easy to privatize profiles and sift between each platform without mixing information,” said Othman. “It’s an all-in-one social media app that will centralize absolutely everything a person could need in one place, saving them time, money, and frustration in the process.”

Presently, OnGraviti offers 5 different profiles and services, with more options to come. Users can sift through: My World, Dating, Social, Roommate Finder, and Business. 

In order to add a personalized element to the app, users upload video biographies to their profiles as a way to describe themselves and their interests. As a result, OnGraviti is described as a more “human” social media app that is adding an element of compassion and relate-ability back into the world of social media. 

“Social media can get hostile today, especially due to the anonymous nature that makes it easier for people to start keyboard fights,” said Othman. “We created this multipurpose app for people who want a more enjoyable overall connective experience. We are honored to be labeled as a ‘must-have app’ for networking and matchmaking today, and look forward to what the rest of 2019 will bring our team.”

OnGraviti is completely free to download and use. Downloaders are encouraged to share their experience through other social media apps to help spread the word. The app will continue to grow and release new features throughout the remainder of 2019.

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