One world delivered aluminum tapes to the Philippines customer successfully

One world glad to share that we delivered 1 tons of aluminum tapes to the Philippines customer on 4th, Dec 2020. And now One world customer received the cargoes from Manila port successfully.

For armoring the power cables, One world customer sent their inquiry. In the beginning, One world offers the quotation and technical data sheet of the 0.66m aluminum tapes to the customer at a good price, and the properties are approved by the customer, then samples were sent for their evaluation.

The customer has their own quality assurance team with professional test equipment, they tested the thickness, width, elongation, and tensile strength of our samples. As a result, all properties were passed the test, One world aluminum tapes can meet the requirements of our customer completely. Then everything goes smoother, One world received the official order and then arrange the production immediately for customers’ needs. The most important thing One world did is that One world test the finished goods strictly before delivery, such as the thickness, ID, OD, the weight of per roll, tensile strength and elongation. One world will ship the cargoes only after confirming that the test results meet the customer’s requirements exactly. The aluminum tapes for cable metal shielding and armoring provided by One World has the following characteristics:

1) The surface of the product is smooth and clean, without defects such as curling, cracks, peeling, burrs, etc,;

2) It has excellent mechanical and electrical properties and is suitable for processing methods such as wrapping, longitudinal wrapping, and argon arc welding embossing.

Here are the pictures of the aluminum tapes One world provided this time, please see as

One world supply the most stable quality cable materials with the most professional production technology in China. ONE WORLD has earned many good reputations from customers all over the world. One world competitive price can also make cable products become competitive.

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