One Time Winner – a Sci-fi Novel by John R. Carden with an Interspersed Life Coach Message

Huntsville, Texas – March 19, 2019 – Science fiction has a permanent place in books and entertainment media. It’s an indispensable genre.  “One Time Winner” novel that’s written by John R. Carden is a science fiction story that is suitable for anyone who likes to read. There are no double-entendres or pejorative terms used in this book which makes it an age-no-bar read. The book is now available on all major online bookstores.

John R. Carden has set “One Time Winner’s” story’s backdrop in a huge interstellar monarchy that’s reigned by an emperor and empress. After the sudden demise of the emperor, the empress leaves Empire Prime, the Capital Planet,  and resettles on planet Earth that’s very, very far from Empire Prime.   What follows are the youthful Empress Emeritus Zinabar’s adventures and misadventures that forms the crux of “One Time Winner.”

“One Time Winner” speaks about dealing with adversities of making the best of a bad job, rising above the odds and unfavorable circumstances with the faith keeping that good thing are bound to happen. John R. Carden’s writing mirrors Louis L’Amour’s – he is the former’s favorite sci-fi and western author. “One Time Winner” has loads of cliff hangers in its exciting plot that keeps a reader glued until the last page.

As “One Time Winner” doesn’t contain any Anglo-Saxon expletives or “suggestive material”,  it makes for a great read for people of all ages. The lead character in the sci-fi novel is over 200 years old and how she overcomes the challenges of her life as a go-getter, becoming the ‘Time Winner” is molded to motivate.

John R. Carden’s “One Time Winner” has its story connected to reality – the interstellar monarchy, ICOPE, or Interstellar Condominium of Planets and Empires, was at its peak glory when the emperor expires. The book’s sayings, theme, and examples set by the character “Zinabar” can be applied in real local, state, and federal governments.

In lieu with this book, John R. Carden’s favorite quote comes from Sir Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of England refuses to relinquish to Nazi Germany when all the members of his advisors were in favor of giving in to Hitler’s demands at the height of the “Battle of Britain”.  The quote is, “NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP.”

About the author

John R. Carden is a retired school teacher; having taught Algebra, Geometry, American History, World History, World Geography, Texas History, and Consumer Math for over 40 Years.  He lives in Huntsville, Texas with his wife of over 44 years.  He had written and published six science fiction novels and is preparing to write more than 20 or 30 more.

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