One Sixty Eight offers Investment opportunities in the growing Marijuana business

American-based innovative marketing organization, One Sixty Eight has announced investment opportunities for individuals looking to catch in on the booming Marijuana trade.

As marijuana and its products become legal in an increasing number of states, there is ample reason to believe that this natural drug is the future; and futuristic, business-oriented folks are catching in on it. One Sixty Eight is asking people to invest in Marijuana if they are looking for a sure bet.

Fourteen states in the US have legalized marijuana while four states have legalized it for recreational purposes. Twenty-three states already have medicinal laws on the books while fourteen states have legislation pending in the winter of 2018. As more regions legalize either recreational or medicinal marijuana, the trade in it will skyrocket bringing huge returns for those who have taken the advantage to invest in the business.

A statement on the company’s website states: A cannabis investment is a chance to fund a new market that already has built-in buyers.

It’s an emerging market and there is strength in numbers. Together we become success. We offer investment strategies combined with operation experience that will allow your life flourish. We are in this seed to harvest; from harvest to sale,”said company representative, Rene Ortiz.

According to information on the organization’s website, there are three reasons that this is a great investment;

  1. It is an inexpensive raw product: this is because of the cost-effective method of production. These plants will start and stay alive in almost any water, light and soil condition. Hydroponic systems can recycle their own water. It is said that a marijuana growing facility provides a hundred-fold profit compared to the amount of money put in.
  2. It is an amazing pharmaceutical: Marijuana is one of the best medicines out there for many problems and conditions. For those going through chemotherapy, there is no other substance that helps get a cancer victim through the painful side effects than marijuana.
  3. There is an existing market: There are already several people out there who are using marijuana for one thing or the other. The legalization of the substance only makes the already booming market to be even more lively. The market is already there, and the existing users are ready to become legal buyers as the laws continue to change.

One Sixty Eight however, warn potential investors to be aware of the risks involved in the trade, which can be glimpsed from its website.

About One Sixty Eight

One Sixty Eight sees potential where there others see challenges. The organization has been at the forefront of business and technology for eighteen years and counting. 

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