One Love Charity Foundation Starts Campaign On Kickstarter To Fund Their Unique Asian Project

One Love Foundation launches fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to finance their unique project.

Nate Menninger of One Love Foundation has started a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter to fund their project which involves traveling from Asia’s westernmost point to the easternmost point to spread the message of One Love Across Asia. This is totally uncharted territory and if completed successfully will make Nate Menninger the first man to cover the challenging course.

“I am starting a campaign on Kickstarter to fund my project of traveling from one extreme of Asia to another through a course that has hitherto not been tried by anyone,” says Nate Menninger. “All the pledges made on Kickstarter for this project will go the One Love Foundation. Our goal is to raise $25,000 by July 20, 2017 so we request you to contribute to this cause generously.”

Uncharted Territory: One Love Across Asia is a documentary that follows the journey of a man across the continent of Asia in support of the One Love Charity Foundation. Nate Menninger is the person who will make this attempt by travelling from the westernmost point to its easternmost point in Asia. He will become the first man to do so. Nate is a former member of the Men’s Lacrosse Team at the University of Virginia and is aware of the deep impact that the Yeardley’s passing still had on the nation.

The challenging route will start from the continent’s westernmost point in Turkey; go through the Bosphorous Sea, the Middle East, past Mt. Everest, along the coast of China and across the frigid tundra of Siberia, and finally end in the easternmost point in Siberia, Russia, covering a total of 12,000 miles. Nate will have the whole attempt filmed by professional cinematographers to create a documentary series that will capture the adventure.

En-route, the Escalation Campaign team will make its presence felt across 550 campuses and will establish connection with over 130,000 participants. Nate Menninger is convinced that at the end of it all, One Love will be a name to reckon with and will enjoy widespread recognition internationally.

The film will provide an unadulterated view into the culture and people of Asia in an attempt to send across the One Love message. The Foundation will use a device to measure miles traveled to raise awareness for their cause and to inspire change among others.

The well-planned One Love Across Asia project will keep the world in loop about the progress of their campaign through interviews and insights into their amazing adventures which will be there in plenty across the route. Supporters can expect updates from key points along the travel route such as from Mt. Everest base camp, Mt Huashan in China, and Yakutska, Russia which is the coldest city on Earth.

About One Love Foundation:

One Love Foundation aims to send out the message of One Love by offering people a glimpse into the people and cultures of Asia. Nate Menninger will transverse the Asian continent from its westernmost point to its easternmost point, covering the 12,000 miles distance by motorcycle, meeting thousands of enthusiasts en-route and hoping to inspire then with his effort.

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