One Lifetime is Not Enough by Rex Nelson Greenwald

One Lifetime is Not Enough by Rex Nelson Greenwald

One Lifetime is Not Enough offers a story about living in faith and loving someone with all depth. Author Rex Nelson Greenwald braves the literary world by giving readers a real-life account about struggling to live without God.

He narrates the story of Coy as a 12- year-old child to a man in the 80s whose life was changed by his faith. The book accounts the moments Coy spent in a cabin called Little Mora, his love for dogs like Pretzel, his adventures with his Grandpa, and the mysterious man named Growler whose silence always puzzled Coy.

Greenwald demonstrates to readers how to maintain their sanity and happiness in the midst of life’s adversities. Coy’s story is to share his philosophy of peaceful living through his life’s journey and demonstrating how a positive attitude and faith in Christ can invite peace into your life. For Coy, the years stretch like a speeding blur and his story would leave readers wondering what fate awaits the character in the story.

When we judge others, we tend to do so quickly as a result of our beliefs and misconceptions. Jumping to conclusions blinds us, causing us to shut off and ignore the complexity of others. By looking beneath the facade and immediate appearance of a person, we often find very human and tragic struggles. This, in turn, helps us to show compassion.

One Lifetime is Not Enough is a heartfelt recollection of a person who had truly laid down his life for the Lord will inspire, encourage, and transform through the grace of God. A surprise awaits readers as Coy’s character will alter one’s perspective and be someone who nurtures a clear mind and a generous heart.  The glue that binds this entire book together is empathy, compassion, our massive faith in Jesus and the ability to listen to others.

Greenwald created a book that contains quotes that speak for themselves, and some of these inspiring quotes are here to remind you of that. For example: “Fate, like the Lord, moves in mysterious ways and Fate runs its own course.” and “Life is like a swing. When you go one way, you always come back.”

Get hold of One Lifetime is Not Enough an incredible book that can change your entire perspective for the better.

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About the Author

Rex was born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota a north suburb of Minneapolis, and lived his youth in a small neighborhood with both his parents and older sister. With many friends he loved riding bikes, playing football, baseball, soccer, and hockey. His mother and father grew up in a small-town north of Minneapolis, and his father had a passion for motorcycles. Rex has the passion as well, with many miles ridden with lots of memories. He married his lifetime love (Teresa) at age 21, they have been married for 39 years and are blessed with two children, Nicholas, and Chelsea. Both kids have wonderful spouses, and the family is blessed with six wonderful grandchildren. They all live within ten miles of each other and enjoy life together. He earned a B.A. in Business from the University of Minnesota and an Architectural Technology degree from the Dunwoody Industrial Institute in Minneapolis. He currently works in the construction industry and continues to feed his passion for good book.

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