OMCH: Pioneering Proximity Sensor Manufacturer Elevates Industrial Automation

OMCH: Pioneering Proximity Sensor Manufacturer Elevates Industrial Automation
Enhance automation with OMCH, a top proximity sensor manufacturer. Explore our precise, reliable sensor range.
Enhance automation with OMCH, a top proximity sensor manufacturer. Explore our precise, reliable sensor range.

HANGZHOU, China – OMCH (Zhejiang Hu Gong Automation Technology Co., Ltd.), a premier name in industrial automation electrical manufacturing, is accelerating the transformation within the automation sector. As a comprehensive high-tech enterprise, OMCH integrates R&D, production, trade, information, and services, excelling as one of the leading proximity sensor manufacturers and specializing in a wide array of sensor technology including proximity sensors, photoelectric switches, and much more.

Innovative Product Range

OMCH’s product lineup is extensive, boasting 30 major categories, over 200 series, and more than 3000 specifications. The range includes, but is not limited to, proximity switches, photoelectric switches, switch power supplies, solid-state relays, solid-state voltage regulators, small relays, color mark sensors, light curtain sensors, optocoupler sensors, Hall sensors, fiber amplifiers, displacement sensors, and magnetic switches.

Highlighted Proximity Sensors by OMCH

As a leading Chinese proximity sensors manufacturer, these sensors are designed with short-circuit protection and reverse polarity protection, ensuring the safety and reliability of your systems. Additionally, they are capable of direct integration with PLC systems and are IP67 rated for exceptional durability and long service life in harsh conditions.

  • Micro Proximity Sensor: Compact design for precision detection in space-constrained applications, ensuring reliability where size matters.
  • Inductive Proximity Switch: Utilizes electromagnetic induction to detect metallic objects without direct contact, providing durability and long service life.
  • Capacitive Proximity Switch: Senses both metallic and non-metallic objects through changes in capacitance, ideal for liquid level control and material detection.
  • Waterproof Proximity Sensor: Engineered for superior performance in wet conditions, meeting IP67 standards for water and dust resistance.
  • Long Distance Proximity Sensor: Features extended sensing range, perfect for applications where distance and safety are paramount.
  • Hall Effect Proximity Sensor: Utilizes the Hall effect principle to detect magnetic fields, offering contactless operation for high-reliability applications.
  • Magnetic Proximity Sensor: Detects magnetic objects, often used in safety interlocks and counting applications with high accuracy and reliability.
  • Efector Proximity Sensor: Known for their precision and robustness, these sensors are adept at detecting objects in complex industrial environments.
  • High Temp Proximity Sensor: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent performance in high-heat applications.
  • AnalogProximity Sensor: Outputs a continuous analog signal based on the detected object’s distance, allowing for precise monitoring and control.
  • Proximity Sensor Accessories: A comprehensive range of accessories to enhance sensor functionality, including mounting brackets, connectors, and cables.
  • Sensor Cable: Custom and standard cables designed for optimal connectivity and signal integrity in proximity sensor installations.

OMCH’s dedication to innovation is reflected across this diverse range of proximity sensors, each tailored to meet specific industrial demands, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and accuracy in various applications.

Industrial Sensor Manufacturers, Upholds Quality at Every Step

At OMCH, as one of the best distinguished proximity switch manufacturers, our commitment to quality transcends every aspect of our operations. Here’s a closer look at the four cornerstone steps that exemplify our dedication to delivering products of unparalleled excellence:

  1. Raw Material Inspection

At OMCH, the quality journey begins with stringent raw material inspections. Every batch of materials, including circuit boards, electronic components, ferrules, plastics, adhesives, and wires, undergoes rigorous testing using precision instruments. Each inspection is meticulously recorded and archived for traceability and continuous improvement.

  1. Process Inspection

With seven dedicated production lines and cutting-edge automation equipment, OMCH upholds exceptional standards through every manufacturing phase, from assembly to final product formation.

  1. Testing Inspection

Each product undergoes comprehensive functional and durability testing, adhering to stringent CE and CCC certification requirements, to maintain the highest levels of quality and reliability.

  1. Packaging Inspection

The final quality checkpoint, OMCH’s packaging inspection ensures that both the product’s appearance and its packaging meet our superior standards, guaranteeing safe and secure delivery to customers.

Through these rigorous quality control procedures, OMCH reinforces its commitment to delivering industrial automation products of unparalleled quality, meeting and exceeding the market demands for reliability and precision in critical applications.

Advanced Technology and Global Impact

At OMCH, the forefront of our innovation lies in the use of the latest integrated ICs and microcontroller circuit designs, ensuring each product is equipped with short-circuit protection, polarity protection, surge absorption, and anti-interference capabilities. This cutting-edge approach not only solidifies the reliability of every OMCH product but also propels them beyond the stringent international IEC standards and national GB/T14048.10 standards.

Boasting certifications such as CCC, CE, and ROHS, along with numerous patents, OMCH’s products are not only popular across major Chinese cities but have also found markets in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The trust placed in OMCH’s quality by industries like machinery, chemical, textile, tobacco, printing, plastic, food, wine production, mining, metallurgy, railway, and elevator, underlines the brand’s exceptional quality and global influence.

About OMCH

OMCH, a pioneer in automation technology, boasts a dedicated team of senior engineers and technical experts, operating seven production lines with an annual output of 20 million units. Adhering strictly to the ISO9001 quality management system and 6S site management standards, OMCH has solidified its leadership in providing innovative solutions. Tailoring its approach to meet diverse industrial needs, OMCH excels in delivering customized sensor solutions, from concept to implementation, ensuring unparalleled service and product quality.

With a global reach that extends through more than 86 branches, 546 projects, and over 72,000 customers, OMCH maintains its position as a premier manufacturer and supplier in the proximity sensors market. This commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions has kept OMCH at the forefront as one of the leading proximity switches manufacturers, catering to a broad spectrum of industrial applications worldwide.

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