Older job seekers ignored nationwide, says Seniors4Hire.org

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – October 5, 2023 – In an on-going survey of Seniors4Hire® members, 95% say they are ignored by employers when they submit their resume for job openings. They receive no reply at all, a canned email response, and are rarely called to interview.

“The typical 7-second resume review ties years of experience to age which is enough to shudder older job seekers to the reject pile”, says Renée Ward, founder of the 20-year-old nationwide organization that assists job seekers 50 and older from all walks of life.

These results are bolstered by facts. While the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) applicable to companies with 20 or more employees makes it illegal to discriminate against those aged 40 and older based on their age it does little to protect older job seekers.

Older job seekers face longer periods of unemployment during the hiring process and often drop out entirely due to their frustration with ageism.

Job ads are replete with age limiting jargon that in essence tell older job seekers they need not apply. Descriptions that include words like, “launch your career”, “3-5 years of experience”, or “recent college grads”.

Online applications often contain a required field for the date of graduation. If you are an older job seeker that has gone back to school recently, this could work to your benefit. But if your graduation was more than 10 years ago this could be used as a red flag to dismiss you.

Ward says, “The really sad part is that up-and-coming companies could truly benefit from the eagerness, experience, skill, and non-textbook wisdom older job seekers can contribute to their growth.”

A random review of resumes on Seniors4Hire.org reveals people with skills applicable for a myriad of positions from entry-level to the C-suite and from accounting to technology.

Ideally, tech startups that want to build fun digital technologies for those over 50 could reap fast-track rewards by wooing this cohort for their input through employment.

Praises abound from Ward for the visionaries that embrace the financial power of a diverse workforce which includes people of all ages. For example, Steak ‘n Shake, a casual dining chain who recently launched a recruitment campaign on Seniors4Hire.org

“Steak ‘n Shake is thrilled to partner with Seniors4Hire.org,” says Christa Carson, human resources administrator for the company. “We have exciting times ahead. We sell an experience. We hire passionate people with a fun-loving attitude who know how to provide a hospitable service. We welcome and are meeting exceptional candidates through the platform.”

Ward adds, “If there is a labor shortage, employers should look at their myopic recruitment and hiring policies. We have all sorts of folks skilled, ready, and willing to work.”

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