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Antigua Guatemala is one of the most fabulous travel destinations in Central America and a hot location for people looking to lower their living costs or enjoy an inexpensive exotic vacation. OkAntigua.com gorgeous photos and insightful stories help visitors get to know Antigua Guatemala in depth, providing an authentic perspective of life in Guatemala.

“Antigua Guatemala is one of the best destinations in Central America. Because of Antigua’s low cost of living, excellent weather, and easy accessibility, it is worth considering it as a potential long-term location to live.” – Rich Polanco

Rich Polanco has been traveling in Central America for five years, exploring and documenting local culture. As a former federal investigator, Rich loves to chat up residents to get the best information and behind-the-scenes stories. His Guatemalan wife is his go-to resource to understand local customs and etiquette – which she reminds him to keep working at improving.

Rich has written two popular guides to Antigua Guatemala, both unmatched for content and readability. His “Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide” gives readers an immersive tour of Antigua Guatemala’s history, landmarks, food, and culture, all richly detailed with colorful photos.

His “Living in Antigua Guatemala Guide” is the premier guide for those considering a short or even long-term move to Antigua Guatemala. This guide is filled with photographs and anecdotes. Rich gives advice that can only come from a resident.


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Founded in 2016, OkAntigua has been helping tourists and foreign residents find a better experience when exploring Antigua Guatemala as a tourist destination or long term home. OkAntigua focuses on authentic cultural interaction and responsible, independent travel.

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