Odyssey Group is Creating Mega-Network of ATM’s & Vending Machines Across The US

The Dynamic Retail Banking Support Organization is Operating From East, West & South Coasts of The US With an Ever Expanding Network

Miami, FL, USA – June 8, 2017 – Odyssey Group – US have announced that they are creating networks of ATM’s and Vending Machines all across the United States. Odyssey Financial Solutions LLC, is a dynamic retail banking support organization operating from South Florida, deploying its services across the US with a team of seasoned professionals in administration, logistics and systems. The company takes pride in providing its customers with the best enterprise experience in the USA.

“Our clients are mainly ATM and Vending Machines entrepreneurs and investors that are mainly from overseas and are looking to get a profitable, real economy business up and running in the US territory.” said the spokesperson of Odyssey Group – US. “We are successfully operating across US with our network of ATM’s, Vending Machines and Operations in Florida, New York and California.” she added. According to the spokesperson, the company is helping its clients to build up their own traceable venture over the internet. Moreover, the clients can track transactions in real time from everywhere in the world through web and mobile app.

In addition, the clients of Odyssey Group can control the machines, fees and locations remotely, obtaining a daily deposit from their networks. Moreover, the company is introducing technologically advanced and sophisticated touch screen interfaces for its machines across the US. In a nutshell, the company is an operational, financial and technological organization that is reshaping the automated consuming market for the next generations.

Odyssey Group – US is working to develop targeted advertising with its interactive touch screen and facial recognition capable machines. Also, with the changing trends of trade and commerce worldwide, the company is stepping into the crypto currency trading, being the first company mingling real money with digital one in the same device. The group is fast growing with its expanding network of ATM machines, Vending Machines, Communications solutions and Investment counseling worldwide. The arrival of Odyssey Group in the United States and its fast expansion is phenomenal. The company installed 500 ATMs and 300 Vending Machines across the US in only the month of April in 2017.

For more information, please visit: www.odysseygroupus.com

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