Obscurity Brothers – A TV Pilot Episode is Coming Soon!

Over 30,000 Students from the University of Cincinnati will Participate in One of the Most Amazing Productions from Ohio.

Aspiring Director from Cincinnati, Ohio, Mike Kritzell has announced that he will crowdfunding on Kickstarter to raise funds for his upcoming TV show, ‘Obscurity Brothers.’ The goal of this project is to raise $2000 by 18th of March, 2017. The plot of this amazing story is full of suspense and it is about two brothers separated at birth and then reunited years later. It will not only polish and bring out the true talent of young actors and crew but will also give the fans, a true college entertainment.

In the plot of Obscurity Brothers, one of the two brothers living the normal college freshman’s life, while the other as royalty in far tribe thousands of miles from America. When they finally reunite, amazing things happen as they go through their journey through college. The entire filming of this show will take place from Mid-March till early April around the Cincinnati area. The diverse roles of the show will be filled in from the 30,000 students from the University of Cincinnati.

According to the director, the main challenge is filming the whole program in time before the exams of students. The crew wants to make sure that the production is completed long before the exams start so that students can get the maximum time to study. The story will bring classic American campus life along with a strong story that is truly captivating.

Funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will go towards costumes, props and purchasing the equipment to film it. Everyone now has a chance to back this project and encourage the young students participating in this amazing production straight from Ohio.

Generous contributors can back this project by accessing the following link:

About Obscurity Brothers

Obscurity Brothers is a TV production from aspiring director Mike Kritzell. The story revolves around two brothers who were separated at birth and then reunited in college. The show is aiming at raising $2000 that will give it a Kickstart. It is expected to bring great entertainment along with a touching storyline to the fans across America.

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Company Name: QueenCity Pictures
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Phone: 330-312-6231
Address:240 Calhoun Street, Rm.913
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Country: United States
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/752835364/obscurity-brothers-a-tv-pilot-episode