Oak Park Chiropractic Offers Clients a Unique Treatment Guarantee

Melbourne, Australia – Feb 21, 2019 – Oak Park Family Chiropractic is a multidisciplinary clinic that offers a variety of services under one roof for continuity of care. The clinic’s owner, Nathan Hearn, is so confident that patients will be satisfied with their care and treatment he offers a money back guarantee.

“We will provide a thorough examination, meaningful diagnosis and a plan to address your condition to strive to give you the best possible results,” said Hearn.

A full 80 percent of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. Poor posture is often the culprit, resulting from sitting in rounded back positions in front of a computer or hunching the shoulders while viewing phone screens. The result is inflammation and disruption of the nerves along the spine. Back Pain Oak Park can address pain from arthritis, fractures that occur in osteoporosis, and dysfunction in other locations that transmit to the back.

People that regularly experience neck pain, stiffness, clicking in the neck, or tingling in the fingers or hands may be suffering with effects of poor posture. It can also occur when the head is held out of alignment with the spine while working or engaging in recreational pursuits. Relief for neck pain Oak Park may include strengthening exercises, therapeutic massage, and obtaining proper neck support while sleeping.

An important part of chiropractic care is a spinal adjustment through manual manipulation. Even small misalignments can result in chronic pain and discomfort. The chiropractor Oak Park will place the spine in proper alignment that relieves pressure on the neuropathways to relieve pain, improve circulation, and facilitate messages between the body and brain.

Myotherapy Oak Park provides treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissues that includes the muscles, tendons and ligaments due to injuries or repetitive motions. It promotes healing within the circulatory, skeletal and nervous systems and is effective for sports related injuries, arthritis and stress related conditions, along with migraines, poor posture and limited mobility.

A variety of conditions that cause pain can be addressed with discreet, custom orthotics. The clinic utilizes high-tech computerized foot analysis to identify gait problems. Orthotics Oak Park are effective for fallen arches, diabetic neuropathy, improving sports performance, and for people with bunions, calluses, and shin splints. They’re also beneficial for people with hammer toes, and hip, knee or spinal pain.

Oak Park Family Chiropractic has multiple therapies that can be used as stand-alone treatments or in conjunction with other methods. The health experts don’t just treat symptoms. They find the underlying cause of pain and provide sustainable health solutions.

About Oak Park Family Chiropractic

Our clinic is different – we are equipped with health professionals who provide you with care throughout all stages of recovery for your injury or condition. We understand that fixing your problem isn’t just about getting rid of pain, but going beyond being simply “pain free” and fixing the underlying issues that led to your injury or condition in the first place.

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