NVIDIA Partners with Immerse to Launch First VR-to-Desktop Streaming Platform for Language Learners

NVIDIA Partners with Immerse to Launch First VR-to-Desktop Streaming Platform for Language Learners
Tech company NVIDIA partners with revolutionary language learning platform, Immerse as their first VR partner to launch desktop streaming capabilities.

San Francisco, CA. – April 17, 2023 – With great excitement, the Immerse team announces their partnership with NVIDIA. Immerse was hand selected as NVIDIA’s first VR partner to launch VR-to-Desktop streaming for language learners across the globe. This breakthrough is a technical feat and a perfectly timed solution for the industry at large. 

“As a VR founder, I know full well the level of complexity to building cross-compatibility between VR and PC/Mac. But, at the same time, I am constantly studying the rate of VR uptake and its challenges,” says Quinn Taber, CEO & Founder of Immerse. 

To place this in context, Meta recently announced that the Quest 2 headset had sold approximately twenty million units. On the one hand, this is an impressive milestone for the industry. But this figure still lags behind the PlayStation 5 by 40% and behind the Xbox X/S.  

This state of affairs made the decision, for Immerse, an easy one. To make language immersion accessible to all, the global Immerse team realized they needed to expand their definition of the metaverse to include 2D desktop users. 

Starting today, Immerse members can stream Immerse’s virtual world from any computer through NVIDIA’s virtual servers. This dynamic duo of a partnership makes Immerse’s complex VR application accessible through anyone’s internet browser, just like YouTube lets users stream videos through their local wifi network without downloading them. In addition, anyone can learn a new language in Immerse’s virtual world without worrying about their computer specs. 

“I believe that VR & AR is on the cusp of an inflection point. But first, we as an industry need to show the world that our content library can compete with gaming consoles, all the while providing new use cases that are an order of magnitude better than traditional 2D applications. For example, the language learning market comprises hundreds of millions of users. Suppose Immerse can show the industry that learning in a flat-screen virtual world is better than our competitor’s antiquated Skype tutoring. In that case, we believe we are creating a clear on-ramp to immerse them in a 3D VR world long-term,” says Quinn Taber, CEO & Founder of Immerse. 

This advancement in Immerse’s offerings enables people across the globe, of all ages and backgrounds, to become fully immersed culturally, educationally, and socially in worlds of their desire. Currently, Immerse offers French and Spanish, and shortly, the Immerse team will launch English and Japanese on the platform. 

Immerse aims to enable users to discover the power of complete immersion language learning in its virtual world, where expert instructors and a global community will help users finally achieve conversational fluency. The VR-to-Desktop capabilities now simplify this even further. 

About Immerse

Immerse is the number one virtual world purpose-built for immersive language learning in the metaverse. In Immerse, Members can meet up and teleport to a virtual Spanish marketplace to practice speaking with a live Spanish instructor, or a virtual Parisian cafe to build conversational fluency with a French instructor. By increasing access to full immersion language learning, Immerse cultivates human connection between people across the globe that otherwise would not be part of the conversation. Immerse was founded in 2017 while CEO and Founder, Quinn Taber, worked for a foundation in the Middle East and Africa. Taber is highly involved in the social entrepreneurship movement in that region to this date. Thus far, Immerse has raised $11.5M, built a team of more than thirty staff, and secured a landmark partnership with Meta, being named their first and only preferred partner for language learning in the metaverse. Immerse has also been named AIXR’s “2022’s Most Innovative VR Company”and “2022’s Top VR Education Company,” and won several other prestigious recognition from the likes of the British Council, Japanese E-Learning Association, and the Edtech Breakthrough Council.


Since its founding in 1993, NVIDIA has been a pioneer in accelerated computing. The company’s invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined computer graphics, ignited the era of modern AI, and fueled the creation of the metaverse. NVIDIA is now a full-stack computing company with data-center-scale offerings reshaping the industry.

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