Nuvoton Receives US NIST FIPS 140-3 Certification for Cryptographic Library

Hardening the Security of Nuvoton’s Embedded Controller and Super I/O Chips

Hsinchu, Taiwan – 17 January, 2024 – Nuvoton Technology Corporation is proud to announce that its Nuvoton Cryptographic Library (NCL) 2.0 has been awarded Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-3 Level 1 validation from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) under the US Department of Commerce. “Receiving this FIPS 140-3 certificate is an important milestone for Nuvoton”, said Erez Naory, VP Client and Security Products at Nuvoton.

Nuvoton’s NCL 2.0 technology is embodied in a hardware cryptographic module that provides security services for Nuvoton’s Embedded Controller (EC), Super I/O (SIO), and Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) product lines. The NIST validation certificate awarded to Nuvoton, Certificate 4603, confirms that NCL 2.0 meets the rigorous security requirements of the FIPS 140-3 standard.


Globally-Recognized Security Standard

FIPS 140-3 is the global benchmark for validating the quality and reliability of cryptographic modules. Compliance with this standard is an essential requirement for systems and applications that handle sensitive information for government agencies and financial institutions. FIPS 140-3 ensures that the cryptographic module protects the confidentiality and integrity of the data it processes.

World First Cryptographic Capability Support

Nuvoton’s NCL 2.0 is a firmware library that leverages the hardware cryptographic engines embedded in Nuvoton’s EC and SIO chips. The library supports a wide range of cryptographic protocols, such as AES, ECSDA, Hash DRBG, HMAC-SHA-2, RSA, and more. NCL 2.0 offers various security capabilities, such as key verification, signature generation, and signature verification, with key lengths up to 512 bits. Nuvoton is the first vendor to achieve FIPS 140-3 certification on a hardware cryptographic module.

“We are committed to further enhancing the library by adding services responsive to industry trends and complying with the NIST roadmap and standards,” said Erez Naory of Nuvoton. “The NCL will continue to be an integral part of our Embedded Controller (EC) and Super I/O (SIO) products, and it is now also enhancing our Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) product line.”

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