Nutri X Launches the Most Robust E-Commerce Platform for Whey Protein and Other Global Brands of Sport Nutrition

Nutri X is the most robust sports nutrition company in Singapore bringing the best of the supplements world to sports enthusiasts in the region. The company brings the best the industry has to offer to buyers at affordable prices. They sell supplements of only the most trusted global brands.

The company has the largest Whey protein collection and other Halal Supplements in all of Singapore. Sports supplements lovers can now find in the company, an effective partner in getting all their needs met. The company operates an electronic commerce platform that is the one stop shop for everything sports supplements,and they guarantee authenticity and effectiveness.

Nutri X is a new company founded on 24 February 2019. The company was established based on extensive research,and it exists to fill a critical void in the lives of Singaporeans. The company boasts itself as the largest collection of sports nutritional supplements in the region and the place where anyone can be sure of the quality of what they are getting. The company has now fully launched its e-commerce platform where people can buy all the Halal Supplements they need. The company boasts of being the most informed about sports nutrition in Singapore and promises customers not just the best Optimum Nutrition but also the best prices and services.

In an interview with The Startup Magazine, the founder and CEO of the company said, “Coming into this business was the most informed business decision I have ever made. I have started businesses in the past and in taking the leap, there usually was an element of doubt and faith, but this is different because it clearly meets an important need of hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans.” Speaking on the value proposition of the company, he said, “This Company was established to bring the best of sports nutrition and supplements to those who need them. The promise we make to customers is that they can get what they want at the most affordable rates, find a community of other sports enthusiasts and receive needed guidance on the right nutrition and supplements for their goals.” Visit the website at to get the knowledge about Optimum Nutrition.

The CEO, during the interview, said, “We have a range of Creatine, BSN, and Halal Supplements. Our collection of Whey protein is the largest buyers can find in Singapore.” He also spoke about the values of the company when he said, “This Company is driven by critical values of integrity, passion and dedication to outperforming competitors in order to make our customers smile.” While the Magazine commended the ingenuity of the business idea, they asked him how they hoped the company would sustain its competitive advantage once others begin to see the opportunity and move into the business. In his reply, he said, “This Company will thrive, not on the business idea but on the trust that customers have in us. That is why our values of integrity, honest passion and a commitment to outperforming the competition are very important to us. We exist to serve customers with excellence.”

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