Nurtrium is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pharmacy Stores Nationwide.

Nurtrium is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pharmacy Stores Nationwide.

Nurture + Nature, more than CBD.
Nurtrium blends a patented Whole Plant Hemp powder into natural, plant-based topicals, packaged in fully sustainable, eco-friendly recycled glass jars, reclaimed ocean plastic lids, and hemp boxes.

Nurtrium blends plant-based topicals with an innovative hemp powder in eco-friendly packaging, and it’s now available for national distribution through Mr. Checkout.  

Nurtrium is a hemp topicals company, co-founded by Ryan Moore and Clayton Bried. Nurtrium blends Whole Plant Hemp — a revolutionary non-extracted, non-isolated, full-spectrum powder — into plant-based topicals in eco-friendly packaging. Through a patented processing technique, Whole Plant Hemp powder retains all the active phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, nutrients, and vitamins found in the living hemp plant. 

“It simply is the purest hemp ingredient in existence. We feel passionate about bringing such a pure and healthy product to the market, but we will never be okay with harming the earth to do so.” — Ryan Moore, co-founder, Nurtrium  

Nurtrium’s focus on sustainability is two-fold. Beyond the use of the highest-quality hemp in the market and all natural, plant-based ingredients, Nurtrium knows what is harmful to the planet is harmful to people. Avid outdoorsmen — who enjoy activities from the mountains to the oceans — they are focused on preserving the natural environment for future generations. As deeply-involved dads, running an eco-conscious business with their children and children of the world in mind, serves as an organizing value for Nurtrium.  

“Over the past year, Nurtrium has pushed through obstacles and continued to grow. We are motivated by the uplifting feedback we’ve received from customers about the ways our topicals have improved their quality of life. Although it hasn’t always been a straightforward path, we’ve worked hard to stay committed to our mission to bring the most natural hemp products to the market, in eco-friendly packaging, and at an affordable price.” — Clayton Bried, co-founder, Nurtrium 

Beautifully packaged in fully-sustainable, eco-friendly containers including recycled glass jars, plastic lids reclaimed from the ocean, and hemp paper boxes, Nurtrium proves success does not have to happen at the compromise of the planet. Looking to grow awareness about what is possible, Nurtrium refused to settle for less expensive and readily available product packaging. Doing so would have undermined their mission to create products that are both good for the people and good for the planet. As they continue to expand, they are focused on being highly-visible and leading by example; influencing other companies — no matter how big or small — to follow conscientious suit.  

“We are excited about partnering with Mr. Checkout because we want to draw national awareness to the growing success being enjoyed by ethical and conscientious businesses. By selling our products at this large-scale we can help to normalize the practice of giving equal consideration to nature-based products in nature-friendly packaging.” — Ryan Moore, co-founder, Nurtrium  

About Nurtrium 

Nurtrium blends revolutionary Whole Plant Hemp powder, Hemp113®, with plant-based ingredients to create topicals for optimal nature-based health. Nurtrium leads the way in companies committed to sustainability. With an unwavering commitment to both people and the planet, they use fully-sustainable, eco-friendly packaging including recycled glass jars, lids made of reclaimed plastic from the world’s oceans, and hemp paper boxes and inks. Nurtrium uses a GMP/SQF certified processor, and is fully FDA compliant. Always transparent, Nurtrium prints QR codes on every box, adheres to third-party testing, and provides CoAs on the company website. Headquartered in the biodiverse State of Arizona, protecting the raw beauty of nature always guides the decisions they make as a company.

Focused on creating plant-based topicals that truly are good for the people, and good for the planet:

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