Nurse Boss launches a training and coaching company for nurses

Consulting services will help nurses realize their career goals and manage stress

Today, Nurse Boss, a training, and coaching company is launching their consultancy services to help cater to nurses. The company’s main responsibility is to provide career strategies for nurses, guiding them to make the right decisions in order to become successful in their career. They also provide consultation for registered nurses who are struggling with work stress and exhaustion, so they can work smarter and live a healthier life.

Working as a nurse is not easy. It involves putting others first before you, dealing with a toxic work environment, being underpaid… the list never ends. The launch of the Nurse boss services will provide help for many American nurses, so they can live a better and fulfilled life. Speaking about the launch of her business CEO of Nurse Boss, Ifeoma Chukwurah said, “When I started my nursing career over two years ago, I was nervous and angry, having convinced myself that I have made the wrong career decision. I thought that nothing good will come out of it. But then, I got the opportunity to become a traveling nurse, working for myself, and I took the chance. It was difficult at first, but now I am a happy and fulfilled in my new job.”

Nurse Boss believes that if you don’t love your job, you can make plans to go for the one you love, the one that will make you feel fulfilled. Speaking about their services Ifeoma said “I believe if I can do it, other people too can. I want to use my experience to help other nurses plan their exit strategy, make realistic and measurable goals, improve self-confidence, and do what they love.”

About Nurse Boss facebook page

Nurse boss has a facebook page where you can join to get free information, get inspired and join in the conversation. You can also sign up for a free strategy session on the page and start your journey into lifelong happiness.

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About Nurse Boss

Nurse Boss is a training and coaching company created to help nurses manage their career and personal health. They provide consultation on career strategy, and deal with clients based on their particular situation, giving them all the tools required to help them achieve big dreams and goals in life. 

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Company Name: Nurse Boss
Contact Person: Ifeoma Chukwurah
Phone: 714-707-7428
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