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Have you looked in the mirror and been dissatisfied with what you see?  Excess neck fat or a double chin can distract from the natural structure of your face.   Then you need to call Canada MedLaser Clinics and inquire about the CoolSculpting services available for double chins and excessive neck fat.

CoolSculpting Toronto Clinic has provided the citizens of Toronto with an FDA approved, non-invasive technique which actually freezes the fat and re-creates your body in a way that diet and exercise is unable to do.  This CoolSculpting technique actually focuses on those ugly fat cells, freezing them and giving your body the new shape you have been dreaming for without the down time of invasive surgery.

The way a double chin forms is by excessive subcutaneous fat—caused by weight gain, genetics, gravity, and even the aging process—this fat forms below the jawline and creates a very unappealing appearance which can cause the person to be self-conscious about this excess fat.

Canada MedLaser Clinics also has a procedure called a CoolMini, this procedure is specifically designed for the double chin; all the exercise and diet you do will not make your double chin disappear, this is where the CoolMini comes in to help out.  The CoolMini is an innovative and radical way to eliminate that double chin without the use of such invasive surgical techniques as plastic surgery and liposuction.

Canada MedLaser will give you a form chin and neck area in as few as one or two sittings at one of the Toronto treatment centers.  The procedure called the CoolMini has also been branded as a discriminatory cryolipolysis.  Simply put, the CoolMini technique is done by freezing fat cells within a controlled environment, which allows the CoolMini to kill the fat cells without causing any harm to the surrounding skin, cells or tissue.

The lipids will freeze when the body’s temperature drops to a certain lowered degree; however, other cell tissue within the body does not freeze; because of this, it guarantees that adjacent cells and tissues are not damaged by the CoolSculpting process and they continue to be healthy.

About Canada MedLaser:

Canada MedLaserClinics is a CoolSculpting Clinic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the professionals working here guarantee the results you will receive will give your body the contour and shape you have always worked so hard for through diet and exercise.

Call Canada MedLaser Clinics today and request a professional consultation with a Toronto CoolSculpting provider who can give you an illustrated demonstration as to how CoolSculpting can help you become the beautiful person you were always meant to be. 

You can visit the clinic located at 395 Queen St. W., #1 in Toronto, ON, Canada; or call 1-855-653-3131; or send an email to

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