Nu Image Solutions, Inc. Hires Rossi Craft As Director of Operations and Engineering

Leading providers of renewable water solutions, Nu Image Solutions, Inc., announce the addition of Rossi Craft to their illustrious team joining as Director of Operations and Engineering

Nu Image Solutions, Inc. has reiterated their dedication to providing people with a renewable source of fresh pure drinking water as the company recently hired Rossi Craft as the Director of Operations and Engineering. In a related development, Nu Image Solutions, Inc.’s flagship model, the Nu Water 30 atmospheric water generator, has continued to receive attention from different parts of the world since its launch.

We are aware of the need to find sustainable and eco-friendly ways by which we can handle the global water crisis. So, we studied the details of how to make water with an atmospheric water generator and came up with the best selection of machines that help in producing contaminate-free purified water in an eco-friendly manner,” said the company president.

The lack of potable, clean water is one of the major challenges faced by millions of people across the globe. A recently published report revealed that more than 800 million people in different parts of the world do not have access to clean water. Unfortunately, the worrisome situation with water pollution has not particularly helped matters, which is where Nu Image Solutions Inc. aims to make a difference as substantiated by the launch of the atmospheric water generators.

The recent addition of Rossi Craft as the director of Operations and Engineering will be an amazing asset to the staff at Nu Image Solutions. Rossi will be handling operations and all upcoming atmospheric water generator design changes with Nu Image Solutions Inc.

The user-friendly, portable Nu Water 30 atmospheric water generator is designed to generate up to eight gallons per day. Each unit in the catalog has been designed to be compatible with multiple energy sources, including wind turbine, solar, and diesel generators, allowing off-grid access to water. The atmospheric water generators produce light alkaline water with pH 7.2 – 7.5. Some benefits of the water to the body include restoring pH balance by eliminating acidity levels in the body, with super-hydrating effects that produce micro-molecule clusters that allow water to enter the cells more easily.

The Nu Water 30 atmospheric water generator requires no plumbing or piping, eliminates the risk of water contamination, provides de-humidification, air and water purification, and minimizes environmental impact by eliminating the need to transport and store water. The product is suitable in different facilities, including industrial and commercial companies, residential, offices, hospitals, agriculture, disaster relief, and a host of others.

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Nu Image Solution, Inc. was founded to provide eco-friendly solutions to the global water crisis using state-of-the-art technology to deliver a renewable source of fresh pure drinking water using atmospheric water generators.

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