NPWL Wrestling gets its first TV deal of 2018

It is apparent that Pro Wrestling is booming once again. From the 80’s to the late 90’s & early 2000’s. After an amazing year for NPWL Wrestling in 2017, now with top stars Super Mex, Taeler Hendrix, Shotzi Blackheart, NFL Super Bowl Champion and University of Oregon stand out football player now sports entertainer Walter Thurmond III representing NPWL Wrestling, National Pro Wrestling League. Walter shows great promise due to his work ethic, the experts have dubbed Thurmond as the “ones to watch” in the wrestling & entertainment scene.

Taeler Hendrix, the star of NPWL Wrestling is not a new name in the world of professional wrestling; her thousands of fans from around the world celebrated the announcement and celebrated the news with the star on NPWL’s roster, with the huge trend of women’s wrestling taking over.

Upon receiving the news, Hendrix said in a statement: “I have worked for every major wrestling promotion. I am very excited about this opportunity. Much better than the place I’m coming from. The last promotion the most watched content was the women’s wrestling. In this company, we are valued and appreciated. I’m looking forward to growing women’s wrestling nationally and globally. I’ve wrestled Gisele Shaw, I’m about to take on Chelsea Green for the women’s champion. I’m really hyped for this one. Chelsea is an amazing talent. It will be a lot of fun. Tune on March 24 at the Petaluma Vets Hall.”

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NPWL is in talks with a few tv networks and in the process of securing a TV deal. Very exciting times for pro wrestling fans and sports entertainment fans. The NPWL  management believes in the culture & vision Taeler, Shotzi, Super Mex & Walter bring a contagious and electrifying energy to the team which is crucial for beginning stage of the organzation.

Walter said: “I’m living my childhood dream, I played in front of 70,000 people during the biggest event in sports & entertainment that being the super bowl & Sept 22 I had so much fun wrestling & entertaining with National Pro Wrestling League, NPWL Wrestling in Petaluma, California.”


NPWL is an entertainment property owned by a media company based on professional wrestling, founded in the year 2008. The organization’s top talent is Super Mex Hernandez, Dymond Kouture, Titan, Taeler Hendrix, Vinnie Massaro, Ricky Mandel, Shotzi Blackheart & Walter Thurmond III etc.. To stay updated with the latest news please visit



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