Now On Kickstarter, The Fast Guard, A Revolutionary Face Mask Innovation

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a face mask that can be donned in the blink of an eye for maximum safety and security.

The traditional face shield has been worn for decades, but long-term wearers often cite the need for innovation. From being too heavy or offering poor breathability, the face masks currently on the market provide cumbersome experiences, and many often wear their mask improperly. Recognizing these challenges, Timothy Sears, a veteran and entrepreneur from Princeton, Indiana (near Evansville), has announced a new campaign on Kickstarter to bring a new, innovative collection of face shields to market. Branded The Fast Guard, the future of face shields as we know it is just around the corner and is ready to maximize comfort, safety, and security.

A hassle-free face mask, The Fast Guard features no straps of any kind. Rather, it automatically attaches to safety glasses or sunglasses, which simultaneously give eyes the protection they need. Attached in perfect form, anyone can avoid the trouble of wearing their face-covering incorrectly as The Fast Guard fits itself to cover the nose and mouth in perfect form every time. Made of cotton, The Fast Guard’s removable cotton cuts down on weight while absorbing moisture from breath to keep the face dry. 

The Face Shield’s revolutionary design was inspired by Sears’ own experience wearing face coverings in the military and commercial factory settings. Understanding the perils of traditional face coverings – including improper wear, heavyweight, and poor breathability – he set out to innovate and create the face mask of the future. Ready for a limited-production run, a proof-of-concept model has been completed and tested. Support The Fast Guard on Kickstarter:

Funds raised from the campaign will be used to directly support this project, including associated production, design, and distribution costs. Starting today, support The Fast Guard for as little as $1 to receive a virtual thank-you, or pledge $20 or more to get a mask from the first production run. Rewards are available for a limited time and professionally produced, so check out the campaign and back the project today.


The Fast Guard is a face mask that can be donned in the blink of an eye. Packed with innovation, The Fast Guard maximizes comfort, safety, and security by eliminating straps, ensuring a perfect fit over the nose and mouth, and absorbing moisture.

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