Now On Kickstarter, Good Deeds, The World’s First Free Web and Mobile Sharing Platform

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a new platform where users can exchange in-app virtual credits, earned the unconditional act of giving or sharing, for special products, services, and experiences.

Good Deeds, a new web-based and mobile sharing platform, is on a mission to revolutionize the act of giving in communities worldwide. Founded just under a do good, feel better mantra, Good Deeds is creating a new society where people can share more and buy less to promote their communities and create a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

An innovative platform, Good Deeds is the world’s first free, non-monetized web and mobile sharing platform. Making people happy and healthy, Good Deeds helps people save money and reduce harmful waste by connecting them with community members looking to give or volunteer their time or resources. In exchange, these users receive exclusive in-app virtual credits that can be redeemed for new products, services, and experiences. 

Registration is free, and a journey of reciprocation and community support can begin in just minutes. Upon registering, users will be able to engage in the unconditional act of giving anytime, anywhere and enjoy exclusive in-app features that include two-factor authentication, web and mobile application integration, secure communications, customer ratings and reviews, social media compatibility, push notifications, and live customer support.

Founded with an understanding of the importance of community-based support, Good Deeds taps into large, local communities of people with vast skills, resources, and experiences they are willing to share to fill the needs of their community. Inspired to create a society rooted in community-sharing, the act of lending a helping hand with Good Deeds will support communities, improve mental health, reduce costs, and promote environmental sustainability. 

With Good Deeds, try something new and experience the future of giving. Learn and develop skills, and find a new way to engage with the products, services, and experiences you love. For a limited time, support Good Deeds on Kickstarter here. Backers worldwide can support Good Deeds for as little as CA$10. But for pledges of CA$25 or more, backers can also receive exclusive in-app virtual currency to spend on any Good Deeds’ goods, services, or experiences. Some rewards are limited, so act fast! 


Good Deeds was founded by Amber Yakutchik of Brampton, Canada, a strategic business development professional and veteran of the Canadian healthcare market. The world’s first free web and mobile sharing application, Good Deeds in embarking on a revolutionary course to support communities, improve mental health, reduce costs, and promote environmental sustainability.

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Phone: 416-294-1106
Country: Canada